How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy

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25 Responses to “How to Stop Puppy Biting and Don’t Do These 5 Things When Training Your Puppy”
  1. Cloudy Rockwell says:

    OK, I have had this puppy for a week. She is now 7 weeks old. So any
    advice for what I can do when I AM frustrated? I am simply exhausted with
    getting up 2 – 3 times a night, taking her to work with me, taking her out
    once an hour or two at work, never being able to have any time to even take
    a shower or wash the dishes, much less focusing on work that takes
    concentration and attention to detail. I cannot help ranting when she pees
    on the rug–or even on the kitchen floor–one more time! I feel so upset
    when she does that, whether I’m mad at her or at myself–what difference
    doe sit make?? We can’t spend our days and nights in the kitchen–I can’t
    get anything done. I am so tired I am dizzy.

  2. TheJumpmanduecetrey says:

    My dog eats her pee pad when she is left alone for awhile. Her pee pad is
    in her safe play area. How do we make her stop eating the pads?

  3. Agnes Fransiska Arvita Ardianti says:

    Im sick of my dog. Pee everywhere, poop everywhere bite everything. He is
    red toy poodle. But i love him. What should i do?

  4. Piyush Hatolkar says:

    Zak, I am a first time dog owner of an 8 week golden retriever. I am trying
    to teach my pup to stop play-biting human skin and your videos really help
    a lot. You just earned a subscriber! Thanks for the videos.

  5. 1Directioner4Ever says:

    So I have a 13 week old puppy, and I’m 15 years old and I have to go to
    school for eight hours, my brother who is 18 years old is home on certain
    days so he can help me take care of my puppy, but on the other certain days
    my brother will be in college for almost an entire day but he will come
    back home but not till later during the day, and my puppies young I don’t
    want him being home alone for so long it’s going to scare me a lot ): I
    don’t know what to do what do any of you people suggest can you please help
    me? it would mean a lot to get help (: 

  6. Greg Gauci says:

    How did he get that shot in the air?

  7. Joy Victory says:

    Best video ever, Zak!! And Ohmygosh what an adorable puppy! I love the
    puppy videos because I have a puppy and I certainly need the refresher
    course but you also remind us all about training a dog with patience and
    love. Training takes time, possibly months, and I think this is so
    important to share. Thank you for your videos!

  8. matt duran says:

    Ahh remington is such a cutie! Im going to be getting a jack russel in a
    few months and will be watching all your videos! Nervous but ready for the

  9. Enderdragon Slayer61 says:

    can dogs get through a fence

  10. Jade Amber says:

    I’m new to your videos, because I’m getting closer to the point in my life
    where I might be able to reasonably adopt a dog and I want to make sure I’m
    up to date and have the time and have the techniques known, especially
    since I know I want a larger higher energy mix.
    I have to say, I love the fact that you approached MidWest– I’ve owned
    many small animals, and MidWest also makes the best homes for small
    animals– I’m glad to know that I can rely on the brand when I am ready to
    add a dog to my family.

  11. lpfix2007 says:

    Is cheese always your most preferred high-reward treat?

  12. Gillian Vogt says:

    I tend to get frustrated when my dog Ruby play bites my hand or my feet

  13. Vika shikka says:

    Omg this reminds me when my puppy’s teeth were growing. He used to bite me
    and make me bleed! I felt so hopeless because I he wouldn’t stop and I
    would cry thinking of giving him away. What I came to realize was that I
    wasn’t making enough time to train him not to bite; I thought 5-10 minutes
    was enough lol. Since I did want to keep him and teach him not to bite, I
    made time and trained him for an hour or two everyday. I tried different
    strategies but what worked the best for him was making crying puppy sounds/
    yelping and asked him to kiss me instead. When he kissed me I rewarded him
    and when he didn’t I kept yelping until he got it. Every puppy is
    different, just be more patient, make time to train and discipline your
    pup. It will be worth it in the long run. Hope it helps!!

  14. Adisa fabiano says:

    My dog brave is teething and he bites me 

  15. vexx506 says:

    We just got an almost 8 wk old Corgi puppy and though his name is Chibi
    we’re thinking he should be called “Chompy” lol.. Cause he gets so bity
    that he flails around chomping on the air like a shark. He bites our pants
    at the ankle and tugs or our hands or whatever in certain moods..

    Anyway, it seems like you know your stuff so it might help. How early can a
    puppy be trained to stop biting ppl?

    I’ve been saying No! and then giving him a toy each time he’s biting us but
    I’m not sure if he gets that I’m saying “hey, chew this instead” or if he
    thinks it’s a reward cause he’s getting crazier lately. I know he’s
    teething but it’s hard to not get upset cause those teeth are sharp ;( 

  16. Diamond Centofanti says:

    I just got a 3 month old bull mastiff whippet mixed born on 9/11 my
    question is what’s the best way to start potty training my little puppy
    here and he seems very smart and attentive. in a few hours I had him leash
    trained and how to come when called and goes on the training pads but won’t
    go outside why?

  17. GrennaskolanV says:

    In Sweden its illegal to keep your dog in a crate indoors unless the door
    is completely taken off. 

  18. Emma Lou says:

    Getting a Chihuahua please make a video about there diet

  19. Claire Senécal says:

    Une approche douce et intelligente. Je recommande hautement cet homme pour
    vous guider dans l’éducation de votre chien et chat je dirais même !

  20. Lauren Miller says:

    Zak, I liked this video and how excited and how much energy you have,
    however, waving your arms around and doing all that talking with your hands
    can actually cause a puppy to bite more. I think you missed a great
    opportunity to talk about how calm motions/ behavior from the human can be
    helpful when the pup is going through a bitey time.

  21. Sarah Anderson says:

    I am incredibly blessed with the dog that I have, he hates being away from
    me, even when he’s off leash outside. One time he tried to chase a rabbit
    but the moment that I was out of view he panicked and came flying back. 🙂
    He’s a great dog!

    If anyone reading this comment is considering getting a Belgian malinois or
    a mix thereof (what I have), DO NOT underestimate the exercise they will
    need! They are a HIGHLY energetic breed! They will not be happy with a
    couple quick walks, they need at the bare minimum one long walk (and I’m
    meaning at least an hour, preferrably longer), and at the very least about
    an hour of playtime. They need to be constantly challenged mentally.
    They’re awesome dogs, but never get one if you aren’t wholly committed to
    taking care of them. They do not make good pets if you just want a couch

  22. kozjegyzo says:

    It’s not so hard to stop play biting. Get a clicker and start training
    “give me a kiss” and “poke my hand” for example and your dog will poke
    instead of biting. It worked with my dog 🙂
    And yeah, clicker training is like magic. Start is from the first second of
    getting your dog. Remember the first 6 months of a dog’s life is called
    “sponge stage”, that’s when they learn the quickest, and the stuff they
    learn will stay with them forever. So don’t waste time! :D

  23. Lucy Pidcock says:

    Hi zak i was just wondering if jack russells are good swimmers?!

  24. Miss Way says:

    I’m going to have to watch this video again. Sorry Zak but I barely
    listened to you, hard to concentrate with all that cuteness.

    I’m still quite a few years away from being able to adopt a dog of my own,
    but I love watching all your videos Zak in preparation. 

  25. Margaret Shen says:

    My house is sort of in a circle with about maybe a dozen, a dozen and a
    half houses. Whenever I walk my puppy, he refuses to go past the circle.
    What should I do to encourage him to walk more?

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