How to Stop your Puppy from Biting too much

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Get more training tips from Serena Dean: Puppies explore the world with their mouths and often ni…

How to stop puppy biting by San Diego Dog Trainer Laura Christiansen at Canine Learning Center. Learn more at
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9 Responses to “How to Stop your Puppy from Biting too much”
  1. Nosajsom says:

    she never stops biting even for a second this does not work

  2. monica west says:

    The thing is, i keep doing these tips but my puppy plays even harder. Is
    that normal?

  3. cityspud123 says:

    Also she hasn’t had her second injection yet so I can’t take her for
    walks…. would this calm down when I’m able to take her for walks and
    exercise her a little bit?

  4. LUCY SMITH says:

    I have that toy for my dog

  5. cityspud123 says:

    When I make a noise and walk away or turn my back and ignore her, she
    continues to bite at my ankles, pant leg, calf, foot etc.. Any ideas of
    what I could do? I’ve been giving her a time out and shutting her in the
    hallway for about 30 seconds then letting her come and play again. But she
    doesn’t seem to stop biting at my feet and hands in the long run…. though
    it does work for a short period of time. Will this calm down when she gets
    her adult teeth? Thanks 🙂

  6. D4ssault says:

    got the same problem, found any solution?

  7. cityspud123 says:

    Afraid not, pal. Everyone tells me they grow past this though. Ice cubes
    help cool their gums though so I do that. Also teach it the off command…
    do this by using a tug toy and praise it after it stops biting on the toy
    after you say “Off”.. then you can at least get it off your clothes when
    it’s clamped on. But they’re just so excitable it’s hard to stop the
    biting. I just have to leave the room if she goes over the top with it
    though as you can’t hit your dog. Lots of positive reinforcement

  8. chris lloyd says:

    You really shouldn’t play fight or play rough with your puppy at all as it
    can trigger aggressive and dominant issues when they are older.

  9. Margarita Stone says:

    I do all that, but as I am trying to remove myself, she bites at my clothes
    and bites my legs and thighs and it is very hard and painful to get her
    away from doing this. 🙁

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