How to Teach a Chihuahua Tricks | Dog Tricks

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42 Responses to “How to Teach a Chihuahua Tricks | Dog Tricks”
  1. Elizabeth Duffy says:

    Please also watch my videos

  2. Andrea Arden says:

    +Howcast +YouTube ::
    How to Teach a Chihuahua Tricks | Dog Tricks

  3. Zoe Mar says:

    because I just got a Chihuahua and shes six?

  4. Zoe Mar says:

    how old can a Chihuahua bee to do tricks?

  5. Derp Games says:

    4 tg

  6. RailbirdFilms says:

    Hey! You automatically accept video responses!!! Wish I’d figured that out
    last night. Thanks for being cool. Thumbs up!

  7. masteraus66 says:

    6th plus this helped

  8. megdelrosario says:

    I have a chihuahua nothing mean 🙂

  9. Jahir Esquivel says:

    13th bitch!

  10. sweetie sweet says:

    I’ma teach chikies and chachies to do these tricks 🙂

  11. love cookies says:


  12. megdelrosario says:

    11th! or 12th Commentor

  13. carla allen says:


  14. Ana Sophia Henao says:

    So adorable

  15. AvonsKidrauhl says:

    gonna teach these to taco ♡

  16. Marcus Viera says:


  17. TheRealSlimSlothy says:


  18. Mustafa Darwish says:
  19. Margarethe Faust says:


  20. Laura Maldonado says:

    Can you please tell me how you trained him? 

  21. boston blue says:

    treats treats treats! my puppy loved them so the more she got the more she
    listened just gotta to keep practicing and praising them and they will do
    great! great video! thanks for sharing! 

  22. Phạm Minh Nhật offical channel says:

    excelent ^^ :X
    Like from vietnam pitbull dog club ^^

  23. John Davis says:

    Great job, I can tell you have invested a lot of time with him!! Keep it
    up, Im getting there with mine!

  24. clifford clark says:

    dam nice job i love seeing a proud owner that is responsable owners 

  25. Junier Lowxs says:

    OMG whats your secret! I juss got a bule nose puppy last week shes 13 weeks
    but so far i only taught her how to sit , please let me know i would
    greatly appreciate it. 

  26. Jorge Cura says:

    nice job!!

  27. Mrscupcakelovex says:

    who where the nine monsters who thums down this vidieo dont judge it it’s
    awsome <3

  28. HarmoniesEnvy says:

    WOW what control.. he’s beautiful

  29. ashley tyson says:

    how did she train him like that i wanna know so i can train my pit bull
    that is an amazing thing he listening to her the whole time such a well
    trained puppy

  30. bongosabroso says:

    Very Impressive. GREAT training…

  31. Lanae Hughes says:

    That’s awesome!!!

  32. Juan Pascual says:

    can u please tell me how you trained him cuase I just got one today n his
    only 2 months

  33. Dee Thompson says:

    Great video i have a few apbt and amstaff myself training is a must with
    dogs being so smart you don’t have to hit or slap your animal i have dogs
    well puppies at the time that don’t eat unless i tell them to after i found
    out i can train them to do that well anything is possible btw for those who
    don’t know how to train a apbt these simple commandants maybe you should
    get a yorky or any lap dog wouldn’t wanna see you on the news or in court
    for raising a spoil brat that you fail to teach obedience (sorry if the
    grammar sloppy not trying to write an essay just a quick post)

  34. Joey Torres says:

    Great training. I just got a pitbull. I’ve trained a husky before and a
    lab. They were somewhat trained like this but not as good. I hope o can get
    my pup like this. 


    My staff puppy is now in training.

  36. Luke Fagan says:

    Do a different comand

  37. Fezi B says:

    Fine example of the breeds fantastic nature. Humans are the animals who
    make dogs like these into weapons. Great job. 

  38. BlackMoridin says:

    How old was this dog when u filmed this, couldn’t be much more than 4 maybe
    6 months right??? The reason why is say this is for a 6 month old Red nose
    Pitt to listen to Stop/Let go Command at 0:40 was very impressive!!! How
    did you train him/her i’m kinda curious!

  39. Frank D'Acunto says:

    how do you even start to teach your puppy this, I just recued a Pit and he
    is great and seems smart and attentive. Only have him 1 week and right now
    we are struggling just to walk him with a leash, its getting better but
    its amazing what you have done

  40. reginald Shannon says:

    My red nose 2 months and we already trained him sit and stay..this just
    made me even more excited..

  41. Klaus Cartesius says:

    Made my day, thanks!

  42. Adrianna Moore says:

    that is the best trained pitt bull EVER

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