How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!

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26 Responses to “How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!”
  1. J. Tuakana says:

    I think an easier alternative is to just kick your dog.

  2. gabby sedgeman says:

    Hi my chihuahua is really bad he destroys the post and rips it up he barks
    and people and grouls and snaps and people biting people strangers and kids
    he bites them and hurts them cuts there finger he is really naughty me and
    my family reslly don’t know how to train him he barks and people he bites
    anyone who’s at the door when the post comes through the letter box he
    grabs it and rips it up he is 4 years old and we need help to train him
    thanku x

  3. infrantasi says:

    Why did you put that obnoxious hair styling ad here? 

  4. Susan Wyse says:

    A shotgun stops annoying dogs real fast!

  5. KDOGG331 says:

    My dog is a barking machine. :/

    He usually just sleeps all day but when he barks, he WON’T STOP. 🙁

    I think we made mistakes when he was a puppy as whenever he would cry or
    bark during the night, we all took turns sleeping with him that night
    rather than just ignoring him. I think we tried at first but within a few
    days caved because it was so annoying.

    He’s almost 3 now (march 7th).

    I think he’s gotten worse lately though.

    He loves to bark at night and that’s when it is the worst because once he
    gets barking, he will just bark and bark and bark for HOURS. Like literally
    all night. Or stop briefly then start up again. And, of course, we often go
    down and yell at him (or just more nicely say to stop barking) but as soon
    as we go away, he starts again. I also feel that by going down there every
    time, he’s getting attention and it’s reinforcing the behavior? We can’t
    correct it though because it’s only if you’re not there….. and it’s weird
    because you’ll go down and he’ll just be laying in front of a door, not
    even on alert. And it isn’t even his alert bark anymore (he has different
    barks). It’s like he just feels like barking.


    It’s only when he’s in one room (the porch room, where everyone enters, so
    good vantage point, plus 2 large bay windows on 2 walls, the main door, and
    the doors to the deck, so lots of doors) but if he can’t have access, he’s
    fine. And oddly enough, if he gets to sleep on the bed with somebody?
    Doesn’t bark all night………..

    So I know it’s not because there’s an actual threat.

    He also wasn’t very well socialized but that’s our fault.

    He doesn’t really get any exercise but even when he does, he still does it.

    And outside, now he will bark when he wants to play. It used to just be
    when he got stuck (he’s on a rope when outside because he used to run away)
    but now he uses the same bark (either a normal bark or a whine/cry) to
    trick you into thinking he’s stuck but really he just wants to play…..
    it’s annoying to say the least. I know we SHOULD exercise and play with him
    more, and we’re starting to, but I also don’t want to reinforce the
    behavior. But I also don’t want to annoy the neighbors and obviously have
    to make sure he isn’t actually stuck. But if you go out there and say “no,
    I don’t want to play with you”, he will usually just come inside or he’ll
    shut up after that.

    And he barks at everything out there. My dad says it’s because the leaves
    have fallen off the trees and he can see more now but I think it’s just a
    bad habit gotten worse. He used to lay out there, silent, for a
    loooooooonnnngggg time but now it seems like sometimes it’s literally every
    5 minutes. He’ll be laying there and somebody will walk down the street?
    Bark at them. (even though we’re set back in the woods on a big property,
    almost 3 acres, 1 acre of it being the yard, then a long driveway so some
    woods between the yard and street. so not really close to him). Neighbors
    working on house or talking loud? Bark at them. Granted, we do have
    neighbors behind us so really are right on top in the back but still.
    Really anything elicits a bark…… cars don’t, if they drive past, but
    most other things do. and, again, HE WONT SHUT UP. So I’ll go say GATOR BE
    QUIET and he will but literally within like 2 minutes of me being inside,
    barking again. it’s so annoying and I often have to bring him inside. 🙁

    One of the breeds he’s mixed with is known to bark, especially at night,
    but I do think a lot of this is us enabling him because everytime he barks
    we reinforce it?

    Very mouthy too, though much better about jumping and rarely does that

    Stubborn too and I’ve managed to teach him lots of tricks and he likes me
    (I’m nice, everyone else thinks “alpha” is the way, yet he only listens to
    me, despite you yelling at him, hmmmmm……..) but doesn’t come when
    called. We’ve tried food, toys, etc. but he soon learns it’s not worth it.

    Half Black Lab, half Great Pyrenees.

  6. Terrie Matthews says:

    Zack, really enjoying your videos, they are very helpful. I am trying to
    stop my 2 year old Old English/American Bull dog mix to stop barking and
    chewing which I am going to try your game of fetch suggestions and
    distraction/treat method. I also have a 3 year old rescue Staffordshire
    Bull Terrier that has accidents in the house even after I have just let her
    outside….can you give me some advice?

  7. KitsuneChloe says:

    As a Positive Dog trainer I absolutely love your videos. They are so
    informative and well explained. My biggest challenge with my clients is
    that we work in the class on the same things you were just talking about
    and they see progress, but as soon as they go home they seem to feel like
    their dog isn’t learning fast enough. they want their dog after one short
    session to know not to bark. I always explain that the dog is learning and
    it takes time and consistency. I remind them that they didn’t learn to walk
    or talk in one day but some customers are looking for instant
    gratification. What do you tell stubborn people?

  8. Jashei Hana says:

    So I’ve been told that you need to turn your back to the dog or puppy. Well
    my puppy, an 11 week old Pug, likes to bite if you turn your back to him.
    It’s not even a playful nip, it’s a full on bite that breaks the skin. It’s
    weird because he will only bark and bite at me. He doesn’t do it towards my
    mom or brother. What do I do?

  9. Sabri Ahmad says:

    I have watched too many youtube videos about similar solutions for dog
    which barks too much but I’ve never found them useful and great as tgis
    video. Well all I have to say congrats you got a liker and subscriber.
    Will you talk about dogs runs doorway?
    Mine is a puppy and a friends of mine caught him in streets too many times.
    I don’t know why would he go out as I didn’t take him outside the doorway.
    It barks too much, I have enjoyed playing with him but he doesn’t sleep fof
    more than 5 hours, which means every 5 hours I’ll catch him barking any
    advices please?
    Thank you. 

  10. Jen H says:

    My dog goes crazy barking in the backyard when people walk by that she sees
    through the fence. She also barks in the house when she sees people out the
    window or hears them walk by. She is an anxious dog and barks from fear.

    Should I just sit around waiting for people to come by and give her treats
    for being quiet? I really hate it and I need to move to an apartment and I
    don’t want to get evicted. 

  11. MontanicOrganic says:

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    little money.
    “Re-home” Rover for a fee. You’ll also save on dog food and vet bills.

  12. Bryonna Taylor says:

    I need help my puppy is 10 months old. I rescued her from the humane
    society and she barks and bites and gives no sign anymore when she needs to
    go out. That’s like the only time she won’t bark is when she’s going in the
    house. I take her out and she’ll go maybe 3 times and come back in the
    house and go again. I’m the only one in the house she listens to and I’ve
    tried staying out longer turning away when she nips and the barking I just
    don’t know what to do. 

  13. gabby sedgeman says:

    My chihuahua is really bad he needs training when you try and pick him up
    he bites me and if he has a toy he bites me and hurts my hand so I really
    need help would he be better with a another dog should we get another dog
    so he is with someone bigger than him to train him my dog thinks he is boss
    and the dog of the whole house we need help 

  14. Gabriel Isola says:


    …ENJOY IT!!

    #dogbarking #dogtraining #doglovers #doganxiety 

  15. Mark Sanger says:

    Thanks very much for the videos. I have a 12 week old Nova Scotia Duck
    Tolling Retriever, he is a smart little guy but loves chewing and jumping
    up during certain training. The green light for training him went off for
    me when you said: the best time to correct the problem is right before it
    happens. For both shoe chewing and jumping, I can tell when he is going to
    do it and I get his attention before he does. Awesome, Thanks again.

  16. Wanda Ferwalt says:

    Hi there my daughter’s dog zeke is a barking , growling , mean dog
    family sometimes .but u are a good dog trainor . I think you’re video
    should be about staying at doorways thank u . 

  17. Mark Phillips says:

    Is it acceptable if the barking ends after a few minutes? For instance,
    I’ll put Skip in the crate while I go out to the woodshed to get wood. I
    can’t watch him so I put him in the crate. He’ll bark for a few then stops
    and chills out. He doesn’t bark again. I’m not concerned because it stops
    relatively quickly. Should I be?

  18. ShelbyThyme says:

    What if the dog is barking at me? How do I make him stop. Every time I go
    to my finances house his dogs bark at me when I walk in. 

  19. Rosie Shaw says:

    My dog doesn’t bark often, only when he is out in the yard on his own or if
    he inside on his own and hears a noise that upsets him but he doesn’t bark
    in my presence. If he barks for too long I’ll just shout “quiet” and he’ll

  20. Andrew Levin says:

    My dog does’t bark at a lot of stuff and most of the stuff he barks at, i
    find acceptable. The only problem is that we barks and growls at people
    when they come over. However it only seems to be a problem with some
    people, other people come over and he seems relatively friendly, also he
    doesn’t seem to have a problem with a group of people, he only has a
    problem when one person comes over. Any advice? 

  21. Guardian Diancie says:

    My dog only barks when he hears the neighbors 10 dogs barking and another
    dog at the other house next to use barking.

    I literally pet him each time I hear the dogs barking and he will be quiet.
    Flash food or toys in the air and he would stand standing.

    I pick my dog up like a handbag and he seems to love it when he sees me he
    begs for a lift

  22. Alastair fairlie says:
  23. Angie Williams says:

    lol watched all your video’s just curious do you have a profit share in
    turkey ha ha

  24. scott tilbury says:

    less chat. show me already

  25. cavy queen says:

    i like how your not mean to them

  26. kirra12 says:

    My boyfriend’s sister is bringing a Shiba Inu puppy home today. I will be
    sure to give him lots of praise! Thanks for the advice!

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