How to teach the trick Cop Cop dog training clicker

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This is one of the coolest and most impressive dog tricks to have in your pups repetoire. This particular method of training this trick works very well for s…
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24 Responses to “How to teach the trick Cop Cop dog training clicker”
  1. doroty valasques says:

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  2. Dyah Agusti says:

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  3. GoodAsGoldDogs says:

    Just taught this to my Border Collie thanks to your awesome tutorial video! Thanks!!

  4. Ayu Kusumayani says:

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  5. Morgan Purvis says:

    Hey! Kikopup my dog will back away as soon as he is in between my legs and wont come back any advice please comment A.S.A.P

  6. establishedbully . says:

    hey, i’ve learned a tremendous amount from you, i just found your channel a few weeks ago and probably up’ed the view count by 30 on some of them. you helped me fix a lot of things and also teach a lot of new things to a lot of new dogs. i can’t thank you enough. one question? do you have any video on having a dog heel with just one paw on one foot? for the transport when the dog has to watch the helper, i’m thinking of figuring out how to do this, so that he still knows where i am w no/bumping

  7. BlackMist301 says:

    I told my mom I was going to teach my dog this and she looked at me like I had 3 heads, I guess we’ll have to prove her doubts wrong

  8. AgilityDogx2 says:

    My dog won’t put his feet on mine no matter how close I put my feet together… Any tips? Thanks! =)
    ~The Mutt Crew~

  9. thedoglucky hjh says:

    thank you very much. It is the best video to teach my dog to do the “cop, cop” by far. I love it and my dog can stand on my feet now. Thank you again.

  10. uri bank says:

    you are amazing dog trainer

  11. RKOLAID says:

    i have a feeling in my gut that i shouldn’t train my great dane puppy to do this

  12. smokeydokey1000 says:

    I hope this isn’t a stupid question… What does “cop cop” mean? I just taught my pittie the trick, and the cue is “cop-cop”. When asked why I call it that, I had no idea!

  13. ClickerPetsMore says:

    I’m posting my tutorial as a video response. My dog was having trouble putting both paws on my feet at the same time, so I can up with this method. It is similar to this method.

  14. michellenn93 says:

    Ahhhh I cant wait to teach my dog this! Its so sweet.

  15. WynyardSaskatchewan says:

    Is it possible to train a pincher 6 year old?

  16. Pedro Costeira says:

    I kikopup!! how can i teach the “free command” to my dog, to tell him that he is free to do whatever he wants for a while? thanks

  17. Rockeravtar says:

    Thanks I’m going to teach my dog this right now

  18. Hanna Retriever says:

    Cool!I’ll try to teach my dog this!

  19. RoseGreyThoroughbred says:

    I love this trick. We are learning it right now. What command do you use for it though?

  20. wolfstardoberman says:

    I wish I could teach mine this…. My dogs are too tall and I’m too short! They don’t fit under me!

  21. ElliotDMDS says:

    now that i have my dog reliably standing on my feet I found out that his 40kg are too heavy for me to start walking 😉

  22. canislps says:

    Great training advice, thanks! 🙂

  23. pfjmnt says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! At first when i started training my Westie he wouldn’t do anything. I had to later skip the steps of the paw targeting, and just went into the part of bringing him in between my legs. This actually worked! I now have him putting both paws on my shoes and, being able to move around a bit! Thanks so much! I know when this trick is done it will look so cute!(:

  24. z says:

    This was really good :] It’s really useful when your dog already knows targeting. How did you teach Splash to bounce?

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