How to Teach Your Dog to Dance | Dog Tricks

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How to Teach Your Dog to Dance | Dog Tricks

Watch more How to Teach Your Dog Tricks videos: Learn how to teach your dog to dance with this Howcast…
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14 Responses to “How to Teach Your Dog to Dance | Dog Tricks”
  1. Rhianna W says:

    how about big dogs like a boxer like mine

  2. Samariana Encarnacion says:

    +BarneyStinson thats why it is called “teaching” it doesnt make the dog
    dance professionally after it learned the basics

  3. Caroline Gaskill says:

    The first couple of times I didn’t hear a clicker

  4. Khevonna Bellemy says:

    @barney stinson shut up

  5. Khevonna Bellemy says:

    @bareny Stimson shut up

  6. thewishtofly says:

    dose this work on XXL dogs?

  7. dawnvantd says:


  8. andrewds84 says:

    Worked great…my min pin learned this trick in 15 mins!

  9. viperbeatsvette says:


  10. Queen Lauren says:


  11. amber dawson says:

    can anyone think of any sites/ vids that would help training a totally deaf
    puppy ?

  12. Barney Stinson says:

    calling this shit dancing? Pathetic.

  13. Christina Manolatou says:

    Great work!!!!

  14. Lemon Kitteh says:

    12 views???WTH

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