How to Teach Your Dog to Go to His Bed | Dog Tricks

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This video is a how to video on how to teach your dog to target an object with his front paws. This is not only a great game to teach your puppy or dog how t…


38 Responses to “How to Teach Your Dog to Go to His Bed | Dog Tricks”
  1. Flava puff says:

    Buddy “LUV” Dog tricks of the week…

  2. Mrlistenandlearn says:

    Very useful Im going to try this.

  3. sesar732 says:

    I have a pitbull and I made the mistake to let her sleep on my bed. And now
    she cries when I don’t let her on it , so how can make her stop and have
    her sleep on her own bed

  4. ObsidianHawk says:

    That “click” sound is coming from a clicker. Clickers are used to train
    dogs, cats and horses. I really recommend searching “Dog Clicker” from
    google, and buy one.

  5. Franky Lopez says:

    I want the click .___.

  6. Mcblocks egarb says:


  7. SwissKiss says:

    Hhhahahaahaha!! Just try that one on a terrier

  8. Miss Monae says:

    How do you do that click

  9. Frusa dus says:

    what breed is this

  10. Lord ChickenTenders says:

    Go to bed?! How about move his ass off the sofa!

  11. xXifusion says:

    Try teach a hyperactive, rebellious Jack Russell who most likely has ADHD

  12. rosespaisley says:


  13. TM says:

    to suck lick ur butt

  14. Vivek Bhatia says:

    whats the next video with naming it? I must be blind, I can’t see it…

  15. Stephanie Parrey says:

    Just saying you do some awesome videos! I did this for about 15 minutes
    with my dog using real meat so he didn’t get bored and he was already
    pawing at the target in the air when I moved it. 😉 He’s a border collie so
    that could help as well, but only 10 weeks old! Thanks!!

  16. foreverdancing3 says:

    aw! tug is so tiny in this video!!

  17. kimmobley333 says:

    Great video. 

  18. Jenna Merritt says:

    I love this video!!!! #

  19. LuverSuperPuppy says:

    Which verbal cues did you use? c:

  20. Emma McClintock says:

    Would a old phone case for a blackberry be all right to use for paw

  21. cuteness lps. says:

    now it works my dog is playing with it with his paws yay THXS

  22. cguymartin says:

    awesome video tutorial! u just continue to out do yourself! keep up the
    great work. : )

  23. oblio777 says:

    Excellent job! Smart dog, very good trainer! Greetings from Romania.

  24. resite says:

    i like these videos where it shows the progression of the training. did you
    give your puppy a name already?

  25. KrazyKai0905 says:

    Awesome! You’re new puppy is SO cute 😀 What’s his name?

  26. hunkymonkeykaine says:

    Great new video:)! Your puppy is super CUUTE! 5*

  27. DCL says:

    Very systematically explained! 5 stars!

  28. Allison Woods says:

    Our Wire Fox Terrier knows this one. :] And as for a name for the pup, I
    think Jazz might suit him

  29. Jodiebirdinabocks says:

    Sounds like a nice fun easy one for Piper, she’ll love learning this! And
    I’m guessing this targeting can be useful for other tricks you might want
    to teach in the future? Thanks for the video!

  30. jess4468 says:

    Someone may have already asked this, but my dog doesn’t use his paws at
    all! He uses his nose and mouth, but gets bored of it and never tries his
    paws. He never even comes close to the target with his paw. Any

  31. Sarah Kashuba says:


  32. withthewolves says:

    he’s so adorable! great!

  33. Carinoschatziii says:

    he’s so cute but what’s his name???? xD My dog loves giving Paws and that`s
    always sooooo sweeet 🙂

  34. conclicker says:

    Muy buen video, me encanta el perro. Un saludo. Ana

  35. natalia wasilewska says:

    Oh you finally done a video with your puppy. He’s a fast learner. keep it up

  36. tehrenberg says:

    Excellent video Em, I will be paying very close attention to all puppy
    training. . . *****!!

  37. Hannah Reeves says:

    Hey emily it’s hannah. His foster mom i cant believe how well he is doing
    im so glad you took him home he couldnt have a better home!! cant wait to
    see more of you guys.. BTW what did you name him?

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