How To Teach Your Dog To Not Bite The Leash

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This is one of the first steps to teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash. Learn how to teach your dog to not bite the leash. This video features Ffion, a…
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25 Responses to “How To Teach Your Dog To Not Bite The Leash”
  1. AdimusDogServices says:

    @Megan BL Use this method with the things she’s biting. Start by just
    presenting it to her and clicking for not biting then build the excitement
    until she’s not bothered by the item at all. Do this for every item she
    bites and soon she’ll get the idea that she shouldn’t bite certain things. 

  2. AdimusDogServices says:

    @lgabe184 I would teach them to ignore the bag. 1) cover the hole so they
    can’t get to the treats then let them do whatever they can think of to get
    the treats. Eventually they’ll get bored and leave the bag for a second.
    Click then give a treat. Close the opening and repeat. 2) after a while
    your pup will not approach the bag and I would begin for clicking for that.
    Then make the bag more exciting, so wave it around, put it on your hip etc
    and click for not approaching it. 

  3. Tweedo Thirteen says:

    Will the app clicker on the app store will work too? I checked at stores
    and those clickers were too expensive. I found an app that sounds like a
    clicker too. Will it work?

  4. Erin Murphy says:

    My puppy Romeo dose not like the leash and I can’t get near him with a
    collor whar do I do?

  5. Megan BL says:

    I have a white lab puppy. She looks a lot like yours, but she isn’t
    listening. I’ve trained her tonot bite me, but to bite other objects. She’s
    8 weeks. What do I do?

  6. Ambujakshan N says:

    kakkoss….. theettam

  7. Αναστασία Αθανασίου says:


  8. Tweedo Thirteen says:

    I got the first 2. The “iclicker” and the “Clicker Training Lite”

  9. sean adkisson says:

    When my dogs neck was big enough i just bought a short chain link leash. He
    only tried to bite it once ever and that was the end of leash resistance
    for me. 6 months later i went back to regular leashes but this annoying
    habit was completely gone. Probably not a good idea for small dogs however

  10. martin king says:

    great video

  11. Russell Sanford says:

    This is a great video

  12. lgabe184 says:

    Hi there! Your videos are so helpful! We have a little problem though, our
    puppy, Ollie, is always more interested in the little bag with treats than
    she is in the leash or the excersises, once she finds out we have them, she
    doesn’t pay attention to anything else, any suggestions?

  13. Raymond King says:

    What a fantastic way to teach this behaviour. So positive and you can see
    it working before your eyes

  14. Dorbala Arun says:

    7 dislikes ? We got 7 aliens on the earth ….!

  15. Sammy ong says:

    I have a 3 1/2 months old maltese/poodle puppy and i could never get the
    collar on her without her struggling and biting. After trying your methods,
    now i can put not only the collar but the lead too calmly without her
    strugglng. 😀 Your video helped PLENTY and i cant thank you enough:)

  16. AdimusDogServices says:

    This isn’t my dog, it’s a client’s dog and yes, she’s a Labrador.

  17. Neiha Amir says:

    What’s your dog breed is it a Labrador?

  18. AdimusDogServices says:

    Let me know how you get on with her 🙂

  19. SuperLittlestHobo says:

    The puppy is very cute in this video. Is she yours?

  20. doggylover102 says:

    I’m glad you posted this because Jeannie has a problem with this when we
    take her for a walk.

  21. AdimusDogServices says:

    That’s great to hear 🙂

  22. sagar gupta says:

    cute puppy 🙂

  23. stantonnafisah says:

    U said stapid in the backgroud ,

  24. MrPlayboybunny221 says:

    İ have the same dog 😀

  25. AdimusDogServices says:

    The clicker is a little plastic box that has a metal sheet inside. Every
    time you push the button, it makes the metal sheet click. By pairing this
    with a treat, you’re teaching your dog that everytime they hear the click,
    they’ve done something good. Look at my Clicker Basics playlist for more

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