How to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Stop Chewing!

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25 Responses to “How to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Stop Chewing!”
  1. Bill Koch says:

    How do I train a dog that will not take treats from me? I have a rescue dog
    that my wife and I have had for 7 years. The dog is petrified of me and has
    been since we rescued her. She responds to my wife but runs from me. We
    recently got another rescue dog (puppy) that has helped the other dog to be
    less stressed around me but she will not take any food or treats from me, I
    have tried every enticing food I could think of from steak to Slim Jims to
    turkey and chicken. She will not take anything from me. I am frustrated
    because I have never raised my voice or hit her and she is petrified. When
    I play with the puppy she has a look like she wants to play but I cannot
    get her to engage. She will let me pet her when she is laying in her bed
    but otherwise avoids me at all costs. Both my dogs are German Shephards,
    any advice is greatly appreciated.


  2. OLegendStudios says:

    I just recused a pitbull mix and he is a loving dog but doesn’t seem to
    listen especially when I’m trying to get him to stop ripping up furniture
    or trying to bite people’s clothes or arms. How can we get him to stop this
    immediately before it becomes a bad habit, someone gets hurt, or the house
    gets destroyed?

  3. Micalei Robinson says:

    Hi how do you stop dogs from going different places the not allowed to be
    and please please how to make them stop chewing EVERYTHING !!!!! I have to
    Labrador x huskie pups that are only about 18 months old

  4. Joanna Blakeman says:

    I have an 11 week old pomeranian puppy named Cody that is enclosed in our
    bathroom area while away at work. I go home on my lunch breaks and such to
    make sure he’s not alone for 8 straight hours. We’ve had him since he was 8
    weeks old and I’ve noticed that he’s started chewing on the baseboards and
    corners of cabinets. I have sprayed a “no chew spray” on all the baseboards
    and bottoms of the cabinets but this doesn’t seem to be working. We live in
    a rental apartment and I do not wish for this to go on longer. He has a
    large crate in his enclosed area that has a bed on one side with a divider
    panel in the middle with a door cut out and originally we had his potty pad
    on the other side but we noticed that He refused to potty in there or when
    he would potty he’d cry and cry until we cleaned it up. I don’t want to
    leave him in the crate all day but I’m running out of ideas… Any

  5. Rosie Shaw says:

    I have a dog and when he was a puppy and used to chew stuff up, me or my
    mum, whoever discovered it would just tell him “no, bad boy” and eventually
    he would just drag things on the floor but not destroy them. Then if we
    went out to him in his room and everything was where it should be, we’d
    praise him and treat him and then he stopped doing it altogether. We also
    did the same thing when he weed on the floor, we’d say “bad boy” and put
    him out into the yard and if he weed there he’d get praised and treats :)

  6. Sun & Schrody says:

    My corgi DESTROYS wood and blankets despite my best efforts…

  7. tx skygal says:

    I wish you had given advice as to when puppies chew on your various body
    parts. Hands, noses, arms, etc. Not being a first time puppy owner, I see
    a big difference in the biting want/need in this puppy, as compared to our
    last one. Trust me, he has a number of different toys of different type
    and texture, yet I seem to be one of his favorite. He seems to have a
    “hard mouth” for a Labrador, also. Any reply to this would be appreciated.

  8. Suzi S. says:

    My eight and a half month old dane/blue heeler/lab mix who hasn’t given any
    signs of chewing or destructive behavior in the past just started in the
    last week. Up until now other than anxiety issues, she has been good
    absolutely loves her toys, all kinds and has used them appropriately and
    even invented her only little games with them, no destruction. She
    graduated out of the crate into the bedroom behind a closed gate as she
    didn’t do well in the crate, that was 2 months ago and she has done well
    until the beginning of the week. Since the beginning of the week she has
    four times stripped the bed of the sheets and blanket. She has completely
    shredded two full sets of flannel sheets and also destroyed a fairly
    expensive quilt.She sleeps on this bed at night and never attempts to doing
    anything and she doesn’t do anything any other time during the day, only
    when she has been shut behind the gate and I have to leave her. She’s not
    by herself, she has her 6 year old Newf/Duck Toller mix sister with her and
    a basket of toys. HELP !!!!!!!!!

  9. Deb Long says:

    I rescued a 1yr old lemon beagle. She spent most if not all her time in a
    crate. They had not time for her. We don’t believe in or use crates. I am
    having a hard time getting her to not take things that don’t belong to her.
    I don’t think she’s had any training. I do play with her and give her items
    to chew on. She has 2 beagle sisters to play with. But the other 2 girls do
    sleep more then she does. When she gets up in the morning she’s ready to go
    ALL day long. Until the sun goes down then she stops and finally goes to
    sleep. I lost it today and hollered at her. I just don’t do that. But I’m
    tired and need help. Thanks

  10. Rosa Rucobo says:

    Hey Zac, I am so happy I found your video. I have a Boarder Collie named
    Sadie. We have had her for 5 months now and she just turned 7 months old.
    When we first got her I was able to kennel train her and use a key word to
    potty train her. She actually caught on very fast. However I noticed when
    she started to teeth she started to chew up everything she can get her
    mouth on. This includes her, dog bed, bones, blankets for her dog house,
    bully sticks, chew toys, balls, garden hoses and much, much more. We play
    fetch with her and take her on up to 3 mile walks but nothing seems to
    help. She has also chewed many of her leashes and her walking harness. Any
    ideas on what I can try next. I really would love to have her in doors for
    the winter but I cant have her chewing on everything. Sadie is going to be
    spayed next month at the age of 8 mo. I have heard that might help with her
    high energy, is that true? As for now I am going to limit her space in the
    yard like your video suggest and see how that goes. Any info you have would
    be great!! Thanks a million.

  11. daisy may160 says:

    My dog chews the pillows on the couch, and chews the holiday decorations

  12. lazyassslothin says:

    My lab puppy (about 4 months) just started getting a new habit of eating
    things off the floor constantly and tearing apart toys just to eat them.
    Any ideas how to teach her that it is not okay?

  13. Bella FunSize says:

    I have a 7 month old half Rottweiler and German Shepherd. He chews on
    anything he can get to I need help. This video did help me a little. Yes I
    am a first time dog owner.

  14. samantha hintze says:

    My puppy is really crazy and she keeps eating my shoes and she does not
    stop I’m really upset about it !!!

  15. rosa Cardona says:

    I recently just got a puppy he’s 3 months old so I started to wacthing your
    videos and it’s been just 2 days and i could see a big improvement in my
    puppy he catches on real quick, he’s not biting as much. I have notice
    that when I play with him he still bites and i male a ouch sound he stops
    now i need to control he’s jumping on my legs. His name is Lucky.

  16. pumpkinhead1020 says:

    I have a blue pit and I have heard that if you give them toys that make
    noise, like the one he showed here, they will tear that thing up. That is
    not a good toy to have. Am I wrong?

  17. Carla Hemm says:

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  18. Lisa Barrett says:

    Regarding the chew toy suggestions: A baby toy–a stuffed butterfly–was
    left in our yard accidentally, so I gave it to the dog. The baby toy is
    intact after weeks of puppy (9 months) chewing while regular stuffed
    animals haven’t lasted more than a couple hours. As an added bonus, the
    butterfly has something crinkly inside the wings, which the dog loves. I
    never thought about baby toys being more durable. There are also plastic
    parts, but I’ve removed them.

    My bad: it’s actually a firefly!

  19. life of black tigers says:

    our rottweiler is a MONSTER!!!! HE EATS EVERTHING!

  20. אביה בורג says:

    Hi, ummm…. I have a dog tgat is not realy a puppy any mire so… I don’t
    know what to do. She is chewing shoes and carpets and… well, everithing
    chewable. What should I do??

  21. Barbara Schofield says:

    my dog chewsmon my phone chager 

  22. Mayra Chavez says:

    My terrier pitbull puppy is currently going threw this bad habit and is
    driving me insane..any ideas of what I can do he has a lot of chew toys but
    decided to chew up on my area rug&know my leather couch.! 

  23. Lily Emmerich says:

    I have a puppy and she won’t stop chewing on things and she also has a
    problem with biteing on people.

  24. Lucero Garcia says:

    I have a 4-5 month old puppy, we don’t know his breed since he is mixed and
    he was a rescue. He has so much energy and lately he’s been very fuzzy and
    has started to chew on our furniture. He’s a smart dog and he understands
    us when we tell him NO but he still continues to do it :(

  25. Haleigh Long says:

    How do u train a rough dog like mine 

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