How to train a dog to stop running away

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Filed under Puppy Training Video Jeff Millman from Watch and Train will show you step-by-step instructions to train your dog to stop when you say, “Stop”. This i…


25 Responses to “How to train a dog to stop running away”
  1. Nathan Efaw says:

    My dog Buddy always trys to get out and Whalen he .does.Get out he snips at
    people and chases cars but he is a really good pet he/ protects me and my
    brother except if there is a nerd gun I involved but he was also a stay and
    we took him in what can I do to make him stop running off

  2. wedgeman33 says:

    Easy training method: If it runs away once, positive reinforcement when he
    returns to the yard. If he runs away twice, more positive reinforcement
    when he returns to the yard. If he runs away for a third time, shoot it in
    the head! Repeat this until you find a smarter dog.

  3. C Brandon Pizinger says:

    OMG! My neighbors dog Goldy keeps running off and keeps coming back. But
    the reason why I think Goldy runs is because she doesn’t get a lot of
    attention.And plus when there out of town she counts on my aunt to take
    care of there dogs what is fucked up. And once when the owners were out of
    town and the owners told my aunt to take care of the dogs the next day when
    my aunt let the dogs out she found shit all over there kitchen floor. But
    of course goldy runs off. Then this girl comes over and knows Goldy. We
    start looking for her and shit like that. But elsa there other dog gets in
    our yard. but thankfully we found Goldy (: but I swear one of these day
    shes gonna end up getting hit.

  4. qssneaky says:

    I wonder how many dogs have been killed running into the street because
    their owners forgot to bring along the clicker. Instead, train the dog to
    respond to you, instead of the clicker. My yellow lab was so damn smart he
    knew when I didn’t have the clicker or treats. I had to re-train him to
    respond to ME instead of the clicker, alternating treats and eventually
    only giving one treat every 5th command. Toss the clicker, and train your
    dog to respond to you. 

  5. marcus mackay says:

    Dude you’re awesome don’t listen to the trolls

  6. Rachael Van Horn says:

    Anyway Jeff, is there anything different that I need to do because she is
    Jack Russell r just keep doign this. I have good results when she is on the
    long line, but I am struggling still when she knows she can dart off to the
    neighbors to chase chickens. I am considering a training collar but want
    that to be my last resort.

  7. Rachael Van Horn says:

    Thanks. Great ideas. I am having trouble with my Jack Russell (surprise
    surprise). She chased the neighbor’s chickens the other day and even came
    to me carrying one. It was not dead or hurt. But I think that could be

  8. suhaylett says:

    Might help to mention that you were also stopping when you asked the dog to
    stop. The dog could just pick up on your body language and not the verbal

  9. Jakub Szuszkiewicz says:

    Yeah Yeah, I’d like to see you with our dog. 😀 You would definitely not
    succeed with this. :D

  10. suhaylett says:

    nice one

  11. official smiley says:

    what if your dog doesn’t respond to toys … like they don’t play with them
    or chase them?

  12. Sydney Price says:


  13. Md. Sabuj says:

    Hello all! Pretty good video, Thanks! There is this great FREE document at
    “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (I cant remember the exact site so
    google it)? Hurry before the FREE ebook is taken down!

  14. Jeff Millman says:

    Thanks for the nice comment. Glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Jeff Millman says:

    You are very welcome. Keep posted for more videos in the future.

  16. yennie24 says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for the tips!!

  17. Jeff Millman says:

    You are correct that he did respond to the noise I made with my tongue, and
    I misspoke. Not sure why you have to insult me. Feel free to leave
    constructive comments, but I don’t appreciate rude comments. Have a nice

  18. Jeff Millman says:

    Hi Triger, My philosophy with all breeds is why give up before you try? I
    have very successfully taught Huskies to be off leash. I have talked to
    other owners or trainers that have said that they haven’t had success. Is
    it the dog or the trainer? Not sure, but I would not give up without

  19. Jeff Millman says:

    Hi Triger, Huskys get a bad rap for not being under control off leash. With
    any dog you have to put the time in and make an informed decision after a
    lot of safe practice. Use long leashes and work on this and see what you
    think. If the leash is 30 feet and you say, “Stop” when he is 10 feet away
    and he keeps running, then you need to do more work. Make sense?

  20. Jeff Millman says:

    You are very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  21. Jeff Millman says:

    Hi Tonya, congrats on your new puppy. I just had a great session tonight
    with an older Newfie. You probably have already watched my leash pulling
    videos, that is where I would start. I also recommend my Senible harness
    that I sell on my watchandtrain site. It is an amazing product that really
    can help with leash pulling problems. Hope these suggestions help!

  22. the cheese ninja says:

    were do you get a clicker?

  23. Tonya Paterson says:

    Ahhhh I need help with an out of control newfoundland. Hes 23lbs 10 wks old
    and kicking my 95lbs butt……my shoulders are totally out of wack right
    now from teaching him not to leash pull. Hes very very strong and strong
    will. Any suggestions ?

  24. Sydney Figueroa says:

    You are retarded. The first time you said stop with the bulldog, you said
    he turned around because if the click but he turned around because you were
    clucking your tongue

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