How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting

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25 Responses to “How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting”
  1. John Goode says:

    Has anyone else noticed that he rarely never stops smiling, and that his
    eyes have that insane, scary, medicated look? But atleast he knows a little
    bit about dogs, I guess..

  2. Natacha Pellerin says:

    Hi Zak, Love your oh so helpful videos. My pup is 8 weeks old and has
    learned to pee on the pee pads, but won’t poop on them. She does it right
    next to the pad. Can you tell me why you think she does this and how I can
    fix it? I already pick her up as soon as I see her squatting to poo and I
    put her on the pad. It doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Thanks for any help
    you can give me with this. 

  3. Joshua King says:

    I have rescued a border collie lab mix from a shelter. For the most part a
    very good dog, however when it comes to my wife or kids he growls a lot and
    has bit my youngest twice. Broke the skin once. Marty, my dog is about a
    year and half old. I’ve been watching your videos and he has stopped
    pulling on leash. Any suggestions to get him to quit snapping and growling
    at my wife and kids? thanks

  4. Feer RB says:

    I need my 2 month puppy to stop crying and barking when left alone. 

  5. Johan knarreborg says:

    I have a six month old lab, she’s good at fetching indoor but when i try
    outside she dosen’t want to bring the ball back or else she dosen’t event
    pick it up. what should i do to teach her a proper fetch?

  6. Stavroula Georgiou says:

    Hey, I got a 4 months she is a Labrator i got her when she was 2 months and
    weeks. Now she knows how to sit, down, roll, spin, come when i call her
    name (Apple) and now we are working on leave it and stay in 1 week and 3-5
    days i will move on to other tricks. But what is the problem is that when
    she do smt that ehat she do (e.g) “down” she gets down and then when i give
    her the treat she stands up again. 🙁 But what i cannot handle is to learn
    her to stop bit!!! last 3 times i was bleading(my right hand. I tried both
    ways from the 2nd day we brought her home but non works. I know that she
    just want to play but i have to say that she destroied my boats, shoes,
    cloths and se bits legs ( my leg was bleading too). PLEASE HELP!!!!

  7. admir hodic says:

    My dog is 4 years old and is very aggressive when we go near him or touch
    him when hes eating.

    Pleas help!!!!

  8. Milagros de Gannes says:

    Where to start with my 6 month old mixed breed puppy. I adopted her from a
    shelter and she’s just so full of energy, wants to jump and play bite,
    especially my heels and feet. I try to ignore her, but it seems that the
    more I do this, the more she jumps and bites my heels, feet, clothing. Her
    claws and teeth are so sharp and my legs are all scratched up and bruised!
    Please help me to teach her to be calm and to listen to me!

  9. MeCookiesYum says:

    My puppy is almost 4 months and is a German shepherd, he is starting to
    bite harder and is now biting everything even more

  10. Uma Radhakrishnan says:

    What is the best food for a puppy during training as rewards

  11. Jennie Moore says:

    Hi, my dog, Tippy, is about 13 weeks old. Your tips with the biting are
    helping, but how can we stop her from chewing on furniture?

  12. Janiya Camphor says:

    my dog is 7 months and every time we play he bites

  13. michael knight says:

    My dog is five months old when we try to play fetch with anything I try to
    use his favorite chew toy and also a tennis ball but he plays keep away
    instead. Also he has boundary issues like right now he was trying to get in
    way while writing this. I love him like a brother and just need a little

  14. Anthony Quispilaya says:

    My dog is 6 and she has problems on growling people and not to stay

  15. Ayaka Smart says:

    my dog is 6 months old and is ripping at the carpet and being distructive
    we tell him no but he just dosent get it!

  16. Victor Cordova says:

    Holy shit this guy looks like vitaly!

  17. William Corrales says:

    Hi Zak. My pup is a 2 month old german shepherd. I know he’s still young
    and wants to play but he goes straight for my arm or cloths. Or even my 2
    year old nephew that just wants to play with him. I say “no”, take away my
    arm and instantly give him the closest toy at my reach but he will
    constantly go for my arm since it has more movement and will ignore the
    toy. What should I do? Keep doing that? Or what?
    Hello from Costa Rica (:

  18. Saula Ropeikaite says:

    my dog is 1 and i need help with stoping him with fiting with ofther dogs
    and runig away

  19. taylor davis says:

    how to stop a 10 week old pup from biting he bies us alot

  20. Alice Alvarado says:

    My dog is a 6 month black lab and she is always jumping on people.

  21. Derek Avellaneda says:

    i need to know how to make my dog to get along with my new dog. I also
    having a problem with the potty training the puppy has been going in the
    cage and the dog eats her poops, she is a shitzu

  22. MDGEIST 66 says:

    Dog screams and cries for HOURS when put in crate for the night. We try to
    keep crate in our bedroom because we know he wants to be with us and our
    room is the one only he is allowed in by himself. But when he won’t stop or
    listen we move the crate to the garage with a heater so we can sleep. It’s
    a rescue Min Pin mix at about 3 months old. We have only had him for a week
    and I know he is smart because I have already got him on basic commands. 

  23. Andrew Ruteaga says:

    My puppy is about two to three months old and she will bite on any thing
    she see

  24. stephanie romero says:

    My four month old corgi is really biting my 9 year old lab. It gets to the
    point to where the lab is yelping or getting really angry and nipping the
    puppy. The lab is normally very calm so I don’t want him to get aggressive
    as well. How can I stop the rough play so they both enjoy playing

  25. Isaiah Thompson says:

    I have a 2 month old Pomeranian purebred and I’m having trouble with her
    going potty outside. She did it once but keeps trying to do it in the
    house. I practically chase her around while she’s going to different rooms
    to catch her in the act of urinating or deficating. I would like to know
    how I should go about this

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