How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to How to Fetch & Drop

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Teach your new puppy to fetch and drop things, and understand how to reward it, in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact:…
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25 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to How to Fetch & Drop”
  1. Tom William says:

    your dog does not even fetch what a stupid time wasting video, dogs are
    smart so dont blame your animal for ”not bein a natural retriever” as you
    said… also praised the dog for not bringing back the toy……idiot
    woman !

  2. oneacd says:

    Oh boy, is this ancient history. Tug is a great game for teaching out.

  3. Spontania24 says:

    no, it’s NOT cute! do you think just because its a small dog it cannot hurt
    you? i just got done speakin with a women who was considerin giving her
    chihuahua away because it bit her family member IN THE FACE. PLEASE
    reconsider what your sayin 4 your own safety.

  4. Kelvin Wu says:

    How do I teach my dog to bring the object back instead of just chasing it?

  5. ljyp1996 says:

    hahaha my dog, she was sleeping and she just woke up cuz of the squeak
    noise… so cutee

  6. SWEETlikeSUMMERlove says:

    thankyou for this video. you are a very good trainer for saying drop more
    than once and once in a while turn around because your pupps eating

  7. smitty01209 says:

    Never let your puppies win? That’s ridiculous. I find it hilarious watching
    my Westy rip the little squirrel out of my hands and take a little victory
    jaunt around the table before she returns for another round.

  8. daniel4992336 says:

    wow.. How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to How to Fetch & Drop is the
    name of this video… the dog didnt even bring back the object yet she
    still said “good boy” nice training lady

  9. Edna Wools says:

    You gotta check this out, Let me tell you about a site i used top help
    train minnie, step by step videos which are very easy to follow. Site is Made my life so much easier

  10. shyguy679 says:

    good job

  11. NOSforcars says:

    example: if i was you i would throw the toy then the dog would come back
    run staight past me and jump on tht chair and chew it

  12. wwestunner81 says:

    wat if he doesnt bring it back and jus sits and chews it

  13. cibrianland says:

    yes of cours

  14. rockinrobert345 says:

    can u teach a 2 year old lab to fetch?

  15. chinup25 says:

    K my dog wont let it out of its mouth for a second. lol 🙂

  16. DaddysPrincess148 says:

    My sister bailey, tried the same thing i did which was throw the ball. But
    she got him all ready up and he was actually wonting the ball for once. I
    think my sister actually helped me. Now my dog will go after the ball but
    theres 1 problem. Its a tennas ball, which he cant fit in his mouth I cant
    find another ball that he can fit in his mouth but i dont wont it to little
    because then it might go down his throut and choke him Im still workin on
    getting him to fetch. But i wont him to learn alot!.

  17. blakifyable says:

    wow ur smart aint u, giving a dog cheese

  18. Jacqueline roxx says:

    actually yes my dad trained his dog without treats and it worked but it
    works with treats too. i think it is better with treats but i am only a
    kid. although, i am very good at training dogs. i have had my puppy for 10
    days he is nearly potty trained my puppy knows how to sit without a treat.
    he is very wise. meet him before u say that.

  19. Unkownmystery2 says:

    10 yrs old

  20. Liz Valentin says:

    Yes you can teach a chihuaha to fetch i have a two month old teacup
    chihuahua and he sits, lies down, and knows his name and comes when called.
    Im in the process of teching him to roll over and shake hands and he
    loooves to learn.

  21. Lena Webster says:

    some breeds just dont retrieve as easily. but you can try finding a toy
    that tastes good or one your pup really likes to carry around and get him
    excited to get it. then throw it and kinda run away from him. he might
    follow with the toy in his mouth. if he does tell him fetch, fecth and then
    stop once hes almost to you are praise him

  22. kenn4eva says:

    Just train it like a normal dog. Make sure it knows how to come when you
    call it, sit when you tell it to (and maybe lay), wait when you tell it not
    to touch food (ie dinner) until you want it to, drop things you dont want
    in its mouth and walk nicely on a lead. I advise not letting them off the
    lead outside until your sure your puppy is super super obedient.

  23. nicksuxs says:

    i got a GSD, same deal

  24. Willwec828 says:

    She isn’t handling it right lol

  25. watchman663 says:

    so much fucking treats it a dog use a pinch collar it works

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