How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to Sit Down

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Teach your new puppy to sit down in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy co-owns the award winnin…


25 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to Sit Down”
  1. BananaGoblin1 says:

    That’s not teaching he’s doing it you all ready trained him.

  2. Nia Hunter says:

    We are not really learning how to teach the puppy to sit as this puppy is
    already trained. For example, What are we suppose to do with our hands to
    make him sit initially- until he associates the word? 

  3. meur urme says:

    Thats not a puppy!! omg

  4. kltpazv2 says:

    cuz its a pembroke welsh corgi! i have that all corgi is fat

  5. 111111joshua says:

    Will you please subscribe me

  6. Kevin Kuras says:

    @cocokitty55 dairy is bad for dogs idiiot…

  7. arnold4life476 says:

    @imkafei1 well try to call him when hes near you give hold him or close the
    door ( if your in your room ) then you could make him sit forcefully but
    dont hurt him and then once hes sitting give him the food and repeat

  8. thalien483 says:

    how old do puppys have to be to train them? mine is 3 weeks

  9. DrAgOnNRiDdEr says:

    how old is that pup?? cause i have a puppy too like 5 months old… can i
    train him at that age or he has to be older??

  10. ambir09 says:

    ok that dog is all ready trained so

  11. okashi79 says:

    Well, that’s a very good puppy. I’d like to see this training with a dog a
    little more hyper active. I can’t get mine to stop lunging at me for the

  12. djcorbijn says:

    The dog already sits because he knows he’s getting a treat. This is
    worthless. I would be nice to see someone do commands with dogs who are in
    the process of learning that command.

  13. ikickedu says:

    laughed so hard.

  14. Sweettartsgal says:

    My dog learns quickly..

  15. XXXphatloserXXX says:


  16. DarkMakizan says:

    my puppy didnt sit when i say sit he will walk =_=

  17. thewarlock47 says:

    i tried with m puppie and my older dog and it work im going to keep
    practicing every day oh and the cant teach an old dognew tricks isnt true
    my older dog did better than my puppie

  18. k1koth3gre4t says:

    138,757 videos!? WTF!?

  19. Ben Griffiths says:

    she doin good.

  20. kgyll says:

    look at 1:05

  21. alfalfa31 says:

    That works, but is a pretty archaic method. There are newer ways that are
    easier and more intuitive for the dog.

  22. Katie Hazel says:

    240p… we meet again.

  23. Suzzinee says:

    Hey, look. Your pride just dropped on the floor.

  24. imkafei1 says:

    my puppy is to hyper idk how to clam him down.

  25. Nikola Simic says:

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