How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash: Part 1

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Information, tips and techniques about how to teach your new puppy to walk on a leash in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: www.taurusdogtrain…


25 Responses to “How to Train Puppies : Teach Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash: Part 1”
  1. James Powell says:

    The best way to train my dog?

  2. The best Baker says:

    how do I get my puppy to stop pulling and keep slack in the leash without
    having to run? please answer. thanks!

  3. naturallymedlb says:

    my 10 week pitbull just sits there like a rock and doesn’t budge, then he
    starts to chew on the leash and wont let go because he has such strong
    grip! and when I do get to walking him he only walks for about 10 seconds
    then stands there looking at me, treats only tempt him for a little while,
    he is just too smart for me!

  4. oandbrina says:

    I agree with you on that. This wasn’t really any use to me. I want to see
    WHAT she does and HOW she does it with a puppy that has never walked on a
    leash before, that’s what will help me.

  5. monicaThediva says:

    my 2 month chitzu just laidon the floor and dont want to walk ;( im going

  6. daisy1bell says:

    Mine too…x 🙂

  7. LightLink00 says:

    any age when he can go outside, usually better to teach him/her earlier. (I
    know your comment is a month old btw)

  8. zzJURASSICxDYNOzz says:

    Why do all expertvillage videos have the best quality? Like, really. I
    really want the types of cameras they have.

  9. Li Xie says:

    i have a Siberian husky and when i take her walking she just keeps pulling
    no matter what i do, i tried to do what the video said but it just won’t
    work, can somebody help me?

  10. Kelly Dawes says:

    Hi fellow sufferes !!, Let me tell you about a site i used top help train
    minnie, step by step videos which are very easy to follow. Site is So many videos for all problems.

  11. reynosochris5 says:

    “Little puppy”….smh

  12. Samuel Cai says:

    Our Belgian Shepherd Puppy is SO stubborn

  13. TheHyperlaura says:

    >.< STUPIDEST PERSON EVER! why are you an animal abuser if you have nothing good to say why would u even comment....**** you

  14. imcoollikethat101 says:

    @rakisaki39 Try gettting a harness they work better than a collar and
    attach your leash on that,the harness gives you more controll and while
    your teaching your dog you wont be chocking him. then whenever hes pulling
    you for walks turn the other way and start walking in a different
    direction,just keep doing that until he gets the idea then when he does
    reward might take some time but its worth it (and sorry i know its a
    little late) Hahaa

  15. iSongs101 says:

    Aw cute dog! What type of breed is that?

  16. TheFunnyDogz says:

    @Deuce1566 i let my dog run around with it for a 3 hours and he still
    doesnt do it soo shut up

  17. laniya jacobs says:

    Wont huge

  18. 9988musiclover says:

    Puppy?? excuse me now but that to me looks like a adult Corgi who has been
    completely trained already!!! and rewarding the dog for chewing the leash?
    ahm no i want my puppy to stop doing that not encouraging him to do it!!!!
    i had a go with this with my puppy but she wont move when the leash is on,
    and if she does shell only walk like 2 or 3 minutes and then shell sit down
    and look at me and i try tugging the lead she walk backwards!! ahhmmm
    experts? i dont think so!!

  19. StonedTroller says:

    This is bullshit, that dog is already fully trained that’s why it’s
    responding to you quickly not everyone is “Cesar Milan” here lol and you
    gave the dog a treat for chewing the leash like anyone is going to do that
    unless they haven’t done a single bit of research this video should be
    taken down man.

  20. GameFreakFromUkraine says:

    evry1 watch the dog whisperer thats how you will learn alot of things

  21. oandbrina says:


  22. natalia wasilewska says:

    thats not a puppy

  23. DreadlockDrummer says:

    my puppy wont stop chewing on the leash =(

  24. Josie Derbia says:

    videos like this make me want a puppy bad

  25. laceinater says:

    try putting the leash on and just letting him get used to it by letting him
    drag it around the house on his own terms

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