How to Train Your Puppy 8 Things in 7 Days! (STOP Puppy Biting, Come, Stay… )

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25 Responses to “How to Train Your Puppy 8 Things in 7 Days! (STOP Puppy Biting, Come, Stay… )”
  1. RyanAnconaTV says:

    how old is this puppy? i have a 2 and 16 weeks old German Sheppard and she
    has alot of problems with biting is it still too early to start training? 

  2. Kamila Cullen says:

    My dog keeps pulling on the leash, how do I stop it? 

  3. andrea hernandez says:

    Can I train my puppy’s at 7 weeks old?

  4. Erik Alton says:

    or just dog

  5. Sofiya Medvezhonkova says:

    Dog in russian-Sabaka

  6. Ben Baldwin says:

    IT’S A DOGE!!!!!

  7. Erik Alton says:


  8. Joy Victory says:

    Great video, Zak! Loving the puppy videos

  9. David Chong says:

    actually one of my dogs tips the garbage can over and starts digging
    through it whenever we leave the house. i was wondering if you could make a
    video on that

  10. Bethany Manning says:

    Can I marry you ?

  11. Schwag says:

    Such video, much training, WOW

  12. yauchunh says:

    +Zak George ! I have a 11 week old westie puppy. He used to be a great
    walker/runner on a leash. A few days ago, I brought him for a walk
    downtown and gave him free roam on a nice patch of grass. Since then, he
    has refused to follow me on walks and prefers to just sniff/taste around.
    what should i do??

  13. Ichigo Milk says:

    That puppy is flawless XD I’m getting a puppy soon so I’m watching all of
    his videos.

  14. Thor Henson says:

    I’m getting myself a puppy here within the next month, NOW I’ll have you
    know I live in an apartment (rather large apartment, practically a studio
    apartment) and I understand that dog’s need LOTS of physical and mental

    The breed of dog I’m getting is a Border Collie. I’ve done the research for
    years believe me I know a Lot about the Border Collie and how much they
    need a back yard


    I believe in valuable mental stimulation and physical activity and to give
    said breed this amount I’d need to change up my schedule. Crate training
    I’d feel necessary for any puppy.

    I’ve looked all over the interwebs and I get the same response that border
    collies are not apartment dogs, but i believe any dog can be an apartment
    dog so long as they have proper mental stimulation, physical activity,
    patience, And most importantly love.

    With previous dogs i’ve owned when i was younger…I’ll admit i would
    punish them more than I would use the positive reinforcement..but watching
    a ton of training videos on your channel i have the utmost confidence in
    training with a strong positive reinforcement. I’ve even tested this method
    on a couple of my friends dogs for the past week and will admit that i have
    had great progress!

    Wish me luck with a puppy of my own!

  15. Emma Benson says:

    I am confused about how to train my dog verbally. I want to be able the say
    sit and my dog sits….

  16. Alisha Eddy says:

    Zak George, my 1 year old cocker spaniel is great with commands, not play
    biting, everything a puppy should learn in the first year, BUT, she will
    only do so if there is a treat and no distractions. Outside and with no
    treat, she only listens when she wants. How do I change this?

  17. Amrit Timilsina says:

    In Nepali dog is called KUKUR

  18. Denis Zeneli says:

    Hi zak !My dog has a problem whith food he dosent eat it if i wont put some
    bacon in it ! By the way love your vid and hello from albania!he is a akita
    inu 5 months 

  19. Damon James says:


  20. Kennedy52 says:

    Thank you so much for your videos! I have learned so much and now have well
    behaved happy dogs who know they are loved and understood!

  21. BlueTiger720 says:

    Aso in tagalog

  22. SkyElla Gamer says:

    Koira in Finnish

  23. margaret dooley says:

    It’s called mouthing -_-

  24. Adil El Kanabi says:

    chien in french

  25. Luke French says:


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