Introduction to Dog Training / Clicker Training

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How does my dog learn? What is clicker training? This video covers these two topics. Anyone interested in learning how to train their dog should watch this v…
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15 Responses to “Introduction to Dog Training / Clicker Training”
  1. Pup Trainer says:

    I used this dog training system I found online which worked for my dog.
    traingyourdog.webs dot com/

  2. Fina Larasati says:

    Guys, turn your dog into the perfect canine pal does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a dog training program called Xobodog Training (just google it). Seriously, thanks to Xobodog Training I’ve solve my dog behavior problems. I probably shouldn’t even be talking about it cause I do not want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  3. Sally Grottini says:

    many dogs are not treat motivated so then you can find what motivated the dog, maybe its a ball or special toy, maybe its just praise it does not need to be food. Find what floats your dogs boat.

  4. xaviercobian6 says:

    I need to get one

  5. MrHeavymetalmania says:

    I’m loving clicker training, me and my g/f took in a 10 week old black mouth cur 2 weeks ago and i’ve already taught her a few tricks. Any advice on getting her not to do those tricks for attention because if we are not paying attention to her she’ll stick her paw up to shake or she’ll sit on her hind legs for sit pretty…with my previous experience with puppies this is normal behavior and it’s best to ignore it but I also want her to get used to the movements as well

  6. treatpouch says:

    In a single short training session, one behaviour at a time. Then take a break, and try something else. In general in everyday life, reward good behaviour you see, when you see it.

  7. treatpouch says:

    Only click when you follow with a treat. One click = one treat.

  8. HunterNSage says:

    When you start randomizing treats, do you still click each time, or only when you plan to follow with a treat?

  9. treatpouch says:

    Not eating steak? That is strange!
    If there is nothing medically wrong with your dog, try training in a less distracting environment such as the bathroom with the door closed. Will he not eat steak then???

  10. Zeplin Mag says:

    Hi I tried the clicker training, But my puppy just doesn’t get it. He is a 9 week old Jack Russel/Pitbull terrier mix. And he has low interest in the treats i reward him with. I tried everything, from his normal kibble to small pieces of steak. Please advise

  11. Niall Simpson says:

    Thank you for this useful video – I cannot wait to pick up my rescue dog! :)

  12. Hans Palma says:

    Great video. Thanks for explaining why a clicker is the best way to go. We’ll be picking up ours this afternoon.

  13. HaiLsKuNkY says:

    should i focus on training one thing at a time or reward all the behavior i want all the time?.

  14. alvansng6 says:

    2nd comment!!!

  15. RebuildRS says:

    thank you, this video was really helpful! I will give clicker training a try.

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