Junior @ 8 weeks old! Development, Temperment, Etc.. Pitbull Puppy

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This is Junior our 8 week old American Pitbull Terrier. He is a chocolate rednose from the bloodlines of Danger Zone & Boogie Man. I have been uploading every week the progress he has been…
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24 Responses to “Junior @ 8 weeks old! Development, Temperment, Etc.. Pitbull Puppy”
  1. childkc says:

    I am currently setting up for my pitbull puppy. He is six weeks old now and
    I will bring him home when he reaches the eight week mark. I plan to do
    extended crate training, where the bed is in one part of the cage and the
    pee pads in anotheeer. I’m out of the house 7 hours out of the day and I
    was wondering if he’d be ok in his extended crate for that long. I would
    love to let him roam freely and just give him a place for his pee pads but
    we have carpet and I’m worried about him having accidents while I’m not
    there to correct him. When I return home I do plan to just leave the cage
    door open and allow him to roam freely until he has to return to the crate
    to use the pee pads. As puppies most of the dogs my family has owned are
    given their first vaccines at 8-9 weeks and because we live in a very
    woodsy area (ie. Rivers, lakes, forest) we keep the dogs inside even after
    parvo, flea, tick treatments, ect up unitl about 4 months 

  2. SE ATL says:

    What a handsome little guy he is. Did u start off potty training him in the
    house or taking him outside? I am getting a red nose little lady in a
    couple weeks and she will be 8 weeks as well. Would be glad to hear any
    steps you took to keep him socialized and playing nice. 

  3. Esberaldo Gonzalez says:

    First off your dog is so cute! My pit just turned 8 weeks yesterday and I
    was worried I wasn’t feeding him enough but I pretty much have the same
    feeding schedule you said so that gave me some peace of mind. Also I don’t
    know if I am being too hard on him for his age. He already knows to sit
    before I put his plate down and before he comes inside the house while I
    open the door. Only problem I have right now is that he pees in his crate
    at night. He used to bite everything and everyone but he has come a long
    way from that. Any advice would help. Thank you!

  4. Allan Jarillo says:

    I have a 8 week old pit… and ive been working on potty training pads for
    the keast 3 days…. it seem to not work as he just chews in the pad and
    hes just avoids it and pees somewhere else? What am i doing wrong?

  5. Step Smith says:

    Nice he’s pretty 

  6. Jimmy Ruiz says:

    My mom bought that diaper for dog but my pitbull puppy bites it 

  7. George Horner says:

    Do the research ,immunizations make dogs sick, even later in life. Just
    like people , all the auto immune diseases , juvenile diabetes , ADD,
    autism, all from immunization. 

  8. kingJim4 says:

    Can you train a dog not to lick you? I’m asking because my Pitbull licks me
    often and I understand that it shows affections towards me, but sometimes
    it gets annoying. 

  9. Tony La'Ced says:

    8 weeks his first set of shots??? Youre behind four weeks boo

  10. jrnz0r says:

    05:25 ♫ Two, three, four o’clock, thee o’clock rock! ♫

  11. mstmoreau says:

    awwwww hes so beautiful

  12. Chacha Pits says:

    Hi, what brand do you feed w ur puppy? his skin is really shiny..my puppy
    had blue buffalo puppy feed 3 times a day 3/4 cup. can u give me some tips
    how u feed him?

  13. Gary Jordan says:

    Beautiful, smart puppy! You’ve really taken care of him, he’s going to be a
    beautiful ground dog.

  14. Haloskeeper1 says:

    thank you so much

  15. Adolfpepper says:

    Gonna enjoy watching him grow with Halo ;-). So cute!

  16. Haloskeeper1 says:

    We definately will socialize him, we did it with our oldest Pitbull Halo..
    We have started by family coming over.. Our vet insisted we do NOT take him
    out until his 3rd immunization. Parvo is a huge problem in our county and
    they actually give a 4th booster here because of it.. so we wont be brining
    him outside of our property walking anyway until then.. we do take him out
    for rides though..thanks for the comment..I’m glad your girl loves the
    mushy pulverized mix…

  17. Bruce DeCotiis says:

    what a little stud! I was just approved to adopt a blue-nose female pup
    when she turns 8 weeks in September. I’m definitely going to be using
    Revolution with her thanks to your video

  18. nyinfamous2k2 says:

    WOW you can really see his growth here. at 7:29 his eyes still have a
    slight blue hue to them. this is making me want to leave work and go home
    to my pup 🙂 btw I did ur pulverize mix idea with her food and it worked
    great she loved it. thanks for that. I know he has his shots by now, and I
    would socialize him with other dogs then halo bc if hes getting very
    protective and isnt constantly socialized with other dogs he might end up
    vicious towards other dogs, I had that problem with my last pit.

  19. Haloskeeper1 says:

    I know… I cant belive how he hulks out in the night.. i have a feeling
    hes gonna be a monster….lol… thanks for the comment, it was very sweet!!

  20. Haloskeeper1 says:

    wow…that’s great…IMO there is not a better prevention than Revolution..
    My 3 1/2 yr old blue has been on it almost her entire life, she just had a
    heart worm test last month and it was negative, she has never been sick…
    Good luck with your little blue baby…. Share some videos of her with me
    when you get her… Be Patient thru the puppy stage.. it’s hell but they
    will make the best dogs you ever had in your entire life when they come out
    of the wild puppy stage! thanks for commenting

  21. Haloskeeper1 says:

    thank you so much…. he’s getting big quick..

  22. Haloskeeper1 says:

    Thank you so much… I appreciate you watching and commenting on my

  23. TheLightHouseLady says:

    He is a sweety!

  24. The Other Parker says:

    Wow! hes so much bigger already! What a cutie 🙂

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