Labrador Retriever Training for Duck Hunting – good start.MPG

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8 Responses to “Labrador Retriever Training for Duck Hunting – good start.MPG”
  1. hannahfan007 says:

    How young are they in this?

  2. Daren Stuart says:

    Your pope’s are very good.

  3. allison allee says:

    we took our black lab pup out to the pond with us to let her get a feeling
    for herself and sniff and get comfortable around water and then we are
    working our way up. I took my 22 out and shot targets to get her
    comfortable with a gun and worked great. I also started her off on basic
    commands first before introducing retrieving and the duck and so far so
    good. She loves water, she knows her basic commands, sit, stay, come, lay
    down and she isn’t yet gun shy. This is only having her two weeks and shes
    currenly 10 weeks old. In the next few weeks I will introduce the duck
    dummy, and retrieving commands but if you want a successful dog be patient
    and before you get excited teach them the basic commands first before
    retrieving its so much easier and your dog is a lot more responsive to you
    and patient. Nothing worse then having a dog that will retrieve but doesn’t
    listen to you or wait for your signal.

  4. doordieace5high says:

    Where do I buy a frozen duck to teach my lab to get the scent of one so she
    doesn’t bring back the wrong animal/object when we go duck hunting?

  5. albees11 says:

    oh sorry your right it is a black puppy

  6. Camron Casamento says:

    So cute

  7. Strykaas says:

    looks pretty younger than the two other ones 😉

  8. albees11 says:

    wow!!!!! grate pups. they will be awesome duck dogs. but I feel bad for
    that little chocolate!!!!! (:

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