Labrador Retrievers: Potty Training Labrador Retrievers – FREE MINI Course Labrador Retrievers

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Potty Training Labrador Retrievers All puppies have to go to the Bathroom each time they wake up from a nap, after they drink, aft…
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Shasta is a female black Labrador Retriever (10 weeks old here). I started clicker training her 4 weeks ago and she is doing EXTREMELY well with commands and…


10 Responses to “Labrador Retrievers: Potty Training Labrador Retrievers – FREE MINI Course Labrador Retrievers”
  1. DumbDumbMr says:

    Can i know at what age Shasta was brought back to your home?

  2. Leonardo Santos says:

    Would you recommend to train her alone in an environment or is it ok with
    having other people around?

  3. melange says:

    She is amazing..

  4. rosario ruiz says:

    Nice…very nice and good job shasta

  5. Kristina Pilatus Lenaerts says:

    bravo!!!! extremely well done!!!

  6. rosario ruiz says:

    Ur puupy is so gentle and so relax doing those training

  7. palau47 says:

    do you keep having her do tricks until you are out of kibble?

  8. ILuvMyKids19 says:

    How do you train a dog the basic commands like to sit. do you push her legs
    in a sitting position ?

  9. DiamondM Labradors says:

    She is getting so big! Thank you for sharing these with us.

  10. shelby wetz says:

    How does it work with only feeding her in treats like this? It seems like I
    would take quite a while

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