Labrador Retrieves Paper from Printer – Miami Dog and Puppy Training

October 21, 2014 by  
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Want to teach your labrador to retrieve anything, anytime? Call the experts in Miami for puppy and dog training! From tricks to obedience training, we can he…

Gracie is a 5 month old yellow labrador puppy trained by Randy of Randy is a dog breeder and labrador dog trainer located in Florence Montana….
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3 Responses to “Labrador Retrieves Paper from Printer – Miami Dog and Puppy Training”
  1. Applause Your Paws, Inc. says:

    Here’s everyone’s favorite yellow labrador doing what he does best….WORK!
    😉 #dogtraining #miamidogtraining #labradorretriever #miami #florida


    he took a LOT of work, but Oxford is the man!

  3. Randy Huenergardt says:

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