labrador training and puppy barking

March 30, 2015 by  
Filed under Puppy Training Video labrador training course to help stop puppy barking and get the most fun with your puppy labrador. Video start with training labradors to perform commands.


25 Responses to “labrador training and puppy barking”
  1. mojoelizabeth says:

    whoa how did she learn this?????

  2. Declan says:

    u good

  3. windheavenX says:

    fantastic dog…

  4. Veronika Havránková says:

    hey, that is fantastic!

  5. snakegirl102000 says:

    ohmy god . that was sooooo cute 🙂

  6. zheNii says:

    wow.. tha’ts great.. i have this labrador dog,he’s 2 mos. old.. and he
    likes biting… specially my shoes…

  7. andrescaraudio says:

    wow I wish my dog do that

  8. southwind1980 says:

    hey man… my labrador puppy will arrive in 10 days, I am ansious to start
    training him like this… Congrats.

  9. tykiller1 says:

    dp labradors shed alot

  10. isabell says:

    super:) mój cep tak nie robi a tez labrador:) cos am robi ale raczej to
    jedzenie go interesuje niz to zeby poprawnie wykonac zadanie. ale i tak go
    kocham………. szalenie

  11. EagleEye says:

    Haha, don’t tell her to sit “down”, that’s confusing! 😀

  12. crusleif says:

    haha if my rottie knows i have dog chocolate in the pockets he ignores
    everything uintill he getts sum

  13. Atreusaa says:

    you can watch “it’s me or the dog”. You will find there meny solutions for
    every dog behaviors problems search on veoh(.)com Good LUCK 🙂

  14. ruigrok2 says:

    @ashley0wnsu You could follow a training. i have a brown lab 13 weeks old
    and i follow trainings for 2 weeks and i see already improvement

  15. KnifingKid1 says:

    Since the dog was a female i’d say it would be alot easy to train compared
    to a male dog since i have a 7month labrador (female)

  16. Lena Webster says:

    yeah, kinda. i mean they have short coats but they do shed quite a bit.
    during spring, it gets pretty intense, but some good bushings can take care
    of that. like the furminator brush, it works SO well

  17. Chocolabtastic Smith says:

    Great work! 🙂

  18. manozitastar says:

    I loved it I too have a dog and I wanted know how to train my dog

  19. kaljan says:

    hahaha well trained dog nice one

  20. sweetbearkisses says:

    Hey my lab is real agressive and trys to be the boss always what do i do?

  21. nipn3ss says:

    Hey I also have a labrador, she’s 7 weeks old, dark brown, and also named
    Coco :p Thanks a lot for the video! We’ve been trying to train her for a
    week. I’ll try it on my puppy and hopefully she can do the same thing!

  22. stopbeingnasty says:

    @1983Dave1983 so how is puppy now? we have a 12 week old chocolate Lab and
    wow full on!…but she is perfect….of course. lol

  23. Chrono44 says:

    Labs are such cute family dogs..^^

  24. Deimosx110 says:

    Lol coconut cute name and such a good girl

  25. mrdodyusa says:

    hey man, i just got one male about 8 month old, you think i would be able
    to train him? and what should i start with?

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