LAPD receives Jindo pups for police training

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The two newest recruits to the Los Angeles Police Department aren’t very interested in doing police work. Instead, they seem more interested in chasing a ball, wrestling, lolling in the grass…
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25 Responses to “LAPD receives Jindo pups for police training”
  1. Baggelis Manusakis says:

    It is so cute….I really want one but they must be very expensive and rare

  2. brobeans420 says:

    As much as I love those dogs, they make terrible police dogs because 1)
    they get too attached to the original trainer, making transfers nearly
    impossible and 2) they are too intelligent for their own good and will
    often compromise objectives to please their owner/handler 

  3. lark lambert says:

    They failed due to the fact that they do not understand Jindos.I had mine
    for 13yrs and just lost her in Oct 2013 due to severe hip arthritis.Her
    best friend was an Oregon red squirrel pet who romped and played with her
    indoors.My Jindo raised two Egyptian Pharoh puppies since they were five
    weeks old and now they act like jindos.I miss my precious baby and when my
    puppies are gone I will again get another Jindo.

  4. ActionBEK says:

    @youngk9lover Jindos are wonderful dogs, I own two myself. But they’re
    extremely independent and dominating at times. I think what the LAPD don’t
    realize is that it takes jindos 2 full years for them to fully mature
    psychologically. Sure they can be taught during their puppyhood, but
    they’re not adults until they reach 2 years of age. :I Perhaps if they
    waited another year they would have been able to be of use but I guess they
    don’t have the time.

  5. hamsterway says:

    jindo dogs are not good for police dog. Because Jindo dogs cannot
    assimilate with the environment which has owner change a lot. However, they
    can be a awesome military dog if Sergent owns them, because normally
    Sergent stays in same base. So they can serve as alarming dog for
    individual police station and military bases. (They are very good at
    distinguishing foes)

  6. Jinseo Lim says:

    is this about Daehan and Mingook?

  7. hamsterway says:

    Also they are very nice hunting dog. They are actually hunting dogs for
    hunting bears and tiger.

  8. Harvey S says:


  9. shinymensdressshoes says:

    Such beautiful, rare dogs shouldn’t be relegated to do dangerous and common
    police work! If they’re “national treasures”, they should be valued and
    respected as good family companions and treated as such.

  10. BabyEater9000 says:

    as much as they’re good hunters, i heard they’re too loyal to be useful as
    canine units. gets too attached to its trainer.

  11. scott yi says:

    lol that brown jindogeh looks so gorgeous he has a double eye lid lolz

  12. telesyb says:

    jindos can never be a police dog because they are way too independent to

  13. Michael Cook says:

    I have a 5 yr. old Jindo and I love her. She’s a Great dog!

  14. 세븐체인저 Clyde says:

    @regxjin as they as they left. they aren’t recognized a 100% jindo although
    they r 100% jindo. i know it sounds ridiculous but thats how it is. if u
    wanna complain go tell THEM

  15. fbelize says:

    they’ve failed. too wild and hard to control.

  16. jmarie22able says:

    I hope the training turned out good. Jindo’s are known to aggressive in
    nature, even with training.

  17. ActionBEK says:

    @youngk9lover Hm, let me help debunk these. The first one is not true, they
    will eat, maybe they won’t take the food directly at times but they will
    take the food. Second, a lot of jindos are adopted into second homes and
    they just fine. It’s a myth to believe that they can only have one master
    their entire life. Third, there has been several cases, jindos will try to
    find their way back home if they can. Fourth, that’s only if you gain their

  18. nachtnite says:

    A trained Jindo dog show here. /watch?v=VCj244AKovM

  19. KrysPL says:

    That’s pretty awesome, I thought China giving pandas to zoos around the
    world was a cool. But Korea giving Jindos to an American Police Force is
    another nice sign of good will, hope it works out.

  20. SavageInsight says:

    I wonder how it turned out 😀

  21. SamCarnage says:

    This is incorrect. Koreans possess an innate sense of nationalism and are
    very proud of their country and their culture. To send a substandard Jindo
    as a gift would reflect poorly on the Korean government. Jindos that leave
    the island are not considered “unoriginal” by default. Dogs that leave the
    country with government endorsements are purebred and of good quality,
    going to specific, established breeders or for specific work purposes.

  22. CESYPOWER says:

    they are a hunting + FAMILY dog. my dog would only like strangers if we
    introduce them and they can see we are relaxed with them. If they are in
    our garden alone and a stranger approches them they will go in aggressive
    mode to protect their home and family. Very very loyal dogs and a very
    loving and caring family pet. i love jindos to bit <3

  23. Dan Kwon says:

    I LOVE JINDOS!!!!! Oh yeah I’m Korean !!!!!

  24. S Lee says:

    thank you so much for saving a precious life… Is he doing well now?

  25. SAIVSS says:

    This depends on the parents’ temperment. As you can see in the video, these
    puppies are very friendly and wants attention from people other than
    whoever is in charge. As long as the pups are allowed to socialize with
    other dogs and people, they won’t be as reserved.

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