Learn to Train The Good Dog Way: The Crate

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Learn to Train The Good Dog Way: The Crate

Hey all, here’s our latest do-it-yourself training video. This one shows us working with a brand new dog and introducing him to the crate. Many folks see the…
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5 Responses to “Learn to Train The Good Dog Way: The Crate”
  1. Ashley Amaefula says:

    Just adopted my dog yesterday. Really vibing with your approach, so this
    will be plenty useful in helping me become her leader. Thanks!

  2. blackdogxx says:

    Notice how Sean explains that the more the dog is focused on the handler,
    the better the dog will learn to be led? A dog NEEDS a leader; it’s his
    nature. And if you do not provide leadership, the dog will have to take
    over. Dogs learn by conditioning and not by cognition. Don’t ask him to
    think; ask hm to follow clear cues and YOU do the thinking for him. “at
    the moment” is a key phrase and all trainers know that dogs live in the
    moment, right now!
    I have watched number of his clips and pre-ordered his DVD course due in
    3/2014. I notice that he has really strong insight into what the dog senses
    and how dogs ‘operate’ …and explains it really well to the viewer.

  3. Christine black says:

    I did the crate excersise like described and before long my dog was waiting
    to go in there for a nap. I tried crate training her with food an treats
    and she was always fearful of being in there and would avoid it as much as
    possible. Thanks for your video

  4. chris barnett says:

    hi…love your videos. I am really working with my 2 apbt trying to make
    them all around good dogs. my make is very calm and looking to me for
    direction when im working with him, but my female is more stubborn and its
    a struggle to get her in the crate. then when I go to let her out, and make
    her wait she just barks strongly and when I back away she bolts. any help
    and suggestion would be great thanks

  5. TheGoodDogTraining says:

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