Maynard the Beagle Puppy Does Some Training

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This is Maynard the Beagle when he was just a young lad working on his stay skills. Video taken April 24 2009, so he would have been about 14 weeks.

Learn how to teach your beagle to stay on command in this free online dog obedience training video for teaching good pet behavior. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Co…
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26 Responses to “Maynard the Beagle Puppy Does Some Training”
  1. jaynails32 says:

    Love this one.. This beagle reminds me so much of the one I had when I was
    a kid of 5-6 years old. Thanks for posting! Brightened my day.

  2. zeroghostlyisdead says:

    To bad this beagle was pre-trained! I have a 10 week old beagle named
    Wizzard he preety much gets the “idea” of sit, but once he preforms it once
    or twice he simply must jump up and try and get the treats from my hand :/

  3. luisrojas90 says:

    like in how many months old should i train my beagle??

  4. pedro amador says:

    Close yo legs

  5. dooggyloover says:

    very goodtrainer. i trained my 11 lb Pekingese to do the down by watching
    this video!!

  6. vo70672 says:

    @ThokiKawaii that’s playing…

  7. Darksassy says:

    get a chiwawa if this will be your 1st owning a dog the breed is very
    basic… most dog can learn stuff @ 12 weeks old.

  8. Sophia Romaine says:

    i teach my beagle way different

  9. Olivier Pontbriand says:

    Loll @1:53 the dog’s like wtf is she doing xD

  10. Nicole Maher says:

    How old should you train your puppy at ?? NEEEDS THIS QUESTION ANSWERED

  11. Benigno Arano says:

    what kind of beagle is it if there tail is up and round

  12. Desucof K says:

    He is so adorable! 🙂

  13. dooggyloover says:

    @luisrojas90 you should start training your beagle early, like about 2-3
    months old so that he learns the command at the early stage in life so can
    learn tricks alot easier and will do them very well when he is older 🙂

  14. loliluvu200 says:

    awwwe looks like my beagle <3

  15. NobleEagle1 says:

    i have a 1 year old beagle everytime he sleeps he drools and chews our
    pillows how can i stop that

  16. Sophiadoesminecraft says:

    Thank you I got a beagle yesterday so thank you me and mom r like how do we
    teach him!!

  17. beaglecute says:

    that beagle is adorableee!I hope i’ll teach my puppy these tricks when i
    get her!! 🙂

  18. J4WS1 says:

    you can tell that dog was trained before

  19. allaboutdog01 says:

    Is this really the way on how to train your beagle? Us we never trained our
    dog but he follows what I told him.. By the way, the audio for this video
    sounds broke…

  20. daphnede1989 says:

    i also have a beagle. when he jumps just ignore him or turn around.. dont
    train to long cuz they lose their attention.. maybe clicker training is an
    option? my beagle is 6 years now, i just started clicker training and he
    learns very fast, and is a good way to train from distance.. goodluck

  21. Moubyx123 says:

    I also thought beagles had an broader head and face… well but I am no

  22. unsalvageable1 says:

    @zeroghostlyisdead and so did i!

  23. ThokiKawaii says:

    my beagle likes to bite my hands, can you show me the trick to stop it’s

  24. brianford101 says:

    i got mine today and he is 5 months and very calm so far how do i get him
    to learn to hunt with me?

  25. nomobre89 says:

    i have a 7week beagle. how long will it be for the beagle to understand the

  26. asingus says:

    if my beagle saw me carrying food she would not jsut sit there lol

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