Murphy van Metcol´s Home born 29.03.2014…little puppy-training

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Taking Our Jack Russell Puppy Home

We take our Jack Russell Terrier Puppy home from the airport. UPDATE: It’s now been a week since we have had him, and he hasn’t being crying at all for the l…
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16 Responses to “Murphy van Metcol´s Home born 29.03.2014…little puppy-training”
  1. Linzi Baker says:

    Awe. So cute

  2. adriannaletch says:

    There isnt any update , right? 

  3. Doav Kiin says:

    im going to get a jack russell and he is in montana

  4. M0NKFlSH says:

    Your not going to high school kid your like 8

  5. Ryan Curtis says:

    High school?

  6. HLSince2006 says:

    What do you mean?

  7. monkeyjaydon says:

    Awww how cute

  8. HLSince2006 says:

    Yeah great thanks he is almost a year old now

  9. Emma moss pérez says:

    Are you Australian

  10. JoshBurston says:

    Great video, hopefully you don’t trip over him!

  11. sakatis says:

    how is your jack russell doing?

  12. HLSince2006 says:

    Oh your American HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  13. montana jenkins says:

    I heard that jack Brussels can be quite snapoy and bite a lot is this true

  14. HLSince2006 says:

    Yeah m8

  15. Giovanni Miller says:

    Nice video, keep it up.

  16. montana jenkins says:

    Jack russels damn auto correct

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