My Brown Labrador Puppy! (Vlog)

November 29, 2014 by  
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Facebook: Twitter: Soooo yeaaaah I got a puppy! Obviously this has nothing to …
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socialise your dog – with adults, children and most importantly with other dogs.
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26 Responses to “My Brown Labrador Puppy! (Vlog)”
  1. CheesyTV says:

    You sound like someone who moved to Australia from the USA and picked up an
    Aussie accent while here.

  2. EGN says:

    Is it weird that i just decided to go through a bunch of your videos at 6:18
    AM for no reason? Lol

  3. Agustin Jimenez says:

    She’s so cute. Have you been training her? Are you planning on her

  4. Agustin Jimenez says:

    I have a 9 week old Chocolate Lab – Cosmo :)

  5. PTesh says:

    That is one cute puppy!
    I want one! :)

  6. AwesomeBronyGamer says:

    Behold! Alannah the god of brown labs! Long may she make youtube videos!

  7. Francisco Santiago says:

    Nothing smells better than puppy breath.

  8. Big Rich says:

    This music was from fallout 3 tranquility lane e.o

  9. myfacevids says:

    Can we see new video of your pup?

  10. elorfinthendt says:

    Enjoy your puppy, but careful! It’s going to get SO BIG! :)

  11. Anthony selph says:

    Both so very cute

  12. EMAX (boyejoboy) says:

    Get name it’s Chelsea? CHELSEA FC!!!!

  13. keegan willier says:

    i saw you on omegle!! at least i think it was you?

  14. Nicole Taylor says:

    Where did u get her from?

  15. Joseph Reinheimer says:

    Damn your cat is really obese XD

  16. Shadowrazer19 . says:

    That’s cooL 😀 exactly the same things what my lab did when she was young
    and little :D

  17. josh herold says:

    Puppies I swear are the cutest things that walked on the planet earth. 

  18. M3g4UBERn00b says:

    Shame they grow up, I don’t like full grown dogs much

  19. allen meche says:

    The cat is bigger than the dog

  20. BK4450 says:

    Your pup is adorable congratz 🙂 I wish u could post pics on comments on
    youtube haha. I would like to show u my 2 Rotties. Zorro who we’ve had for
    9 years and Simba who we’ve had for 3 , they’re brothers aswell :)

  21. ae86trd says:

    Congrats on the new addition to your family. You’ll be the next Pokemon

  22. Wilfredo Miranda says:

    Awwww, You definately have to update when the puppy evovles ! ❤

  23. creeper_bealfire says:

    adorable!!!! now im hungry for chocolate :3 :’)

  24. Florica Hood says:

    oh my gosh!!!! im getting a chocolate lab puppy!!!!!!!!! any tips and stuff

  25. maxmazmaz says:

    Cutie pie!

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