Obedience Championship Dogs Part 1 – Crufts 2012

June 5, 2013 by  
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‘As Live’ replay of the Dog Championships from the Obedience Ring on Day 2 of Crufts 2012. Part 1 features: Stephanie Woollam, Gail Waddington, Herbie Watson…


7 Responses to “Obedience Championship Dogs Part 1 – Crufts 2012”
  1. Gaytiful says:

    Wow o: I’ve never seen something like this. The dog is completely focused on the owner. My god, that is so cool! *o*

  2. Alessandro Nicotera says:

    this is training for our dogs hahaha the WUSV is very not this

  3. Alessandro Nicotera says:

    wtf this is champion obedience HAHAHA the firts the dog enter in obedience second this is a fake the WUSV i very champions they are fake this is notr really obediance HAHAHAHA

  4. rose tonkin says:

    After watching this I don’t know witch way to turn

  5. Alice Pearson says:

    I have no doubt all of the pups will have great potential to do the same as alex.

  6. Alice Pearson says:

    Currently have a litter of pups from one of OB CH tyefold seven of clubs (alex)’s daughters.

  7. Geordiguy says:

    Does anyone know if OB CH TYEFOLD SEVEN OF CLUBS has “Flynn’s Reflection” in his Pedigree? Flynn was a dog working in obedience in the 80’s. Alex shares a striking resemblance to Flynn.

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