Obedience Training With My Rottweiler Puppy

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This video shows me running through some basic commands with my 15 week old Rottweiler puppy Zeus.
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Puppy Clicker Training: Sit, down, and stand

http://trainingclasses.pamsdogacademy.com I forgot that I had this video in my projects. I filmed this when Twix was 10 weeks old and had only been at my hou…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


29 Responses to “Obedience Training With My Rottweiler Puppy”
  1. Jeanpierre Ramirez says:

    Check out my Rottweiler pup(:๏ปฟ

  2. Darko The gamer says:

    omg so stupid hes like good girl good girl good boy๏ปฟ

  3. John ThruMyLens says:
  4. TheTopFanHD says:

    i want more of these i might get a dog like this and i would like to learn
    how it will learn to guard and all those awesome things

  5. Amy Joneswood says:

    I have 1 year dog .it to late training her. Please help .I tried running
    after every day.๏ปฟ

  6. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Start training right away. Twix was about 11 or 12 weeks old in this video.
    I got him at 11 weeks old. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you go to my website pamsdog training dot
    com, then you can pick up a few of my free ebooks “navigating your way
    through clicker training” and “When can you start training a puppy”.

  7. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    The clicker is just a training tool and if it is not used properly it will
    not work either. The person using the clicker must know what they are doing
    to some degree. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would suggest to find a local clicker training class
    and go. This way you can learn from someone in person and they can help
    you. I know that if you have the right skills Misty will learn. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hang in
    there! Have a great evening. Pam

  8. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Check out my video on “No Mugging the hand” that will help with him not
    being as crazy about the food. You can also use a lower valued food at
    times or mix a bunch of treats in one bag, so he does not know what he will
    get. Did you try luring to a stand w/ food? You could also wait for him to
    stand and then click and treat him back in a down, in order to get him to
    stand again. You could teach a hand target and have him in a sit or down,
    then move away a bit and have him target your hand.

  9. Letty Gutierrez says:

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Atro1981 says:

    I’m in love with my new Golden Retriever. I started teaching him this week
    (he’s 2 months old) and so far he got the idea of sit and down, come and
    even leave it, though I haven’t added commands yet. However, he won’t stand
    to save his life! It might have something to do with us teaching him to sit
    before getting his food. Also, he eats like there’s no tomorrow. Any idea
    to stop him being so crazy about the food? Thanks so much!

  11. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @RKSETV Thanks! Yes they are very smart & sooooo much fun to work with! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Amarianee says:

    @CastuloJavier I def. recommend the “settle” video, but also work on how
    you interact with him. That’s how I trained my dog. Granted, it probably
    took a lot longer than Pam’s method (prob. much better) I simply reinforced
    the commands. If she started barking and refused to stop, she had to come
    inside. When she behaved, we’d give her a reward. If she didn’t bark or try
    to run too much – listened to commands – while on a walk, she’d get a

  13. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @CastuloJavier I would work on teaching him to “Settle” I have a video on
    “Settle on a mat” and Kikopup has a video on “Settle” as well. Hope that
    helps. Good luck! Pam

  14. invisioncube says:

    I am teaching my sixteen week old Golden Retriever to stand but the problem
    I am having is that he stands for the lure, but then almost automatically
    sits between the stand and me getting the lure to him. If you see what Twix
    does at 0:30 in your video, that is what Bentley does, but sooner.

  15. XDanimalover101 says:

    what kind of treat were you giving him?

  16. Atro1981 says:

    He actually takes treats gently, but when it’s time to eat he’s just like a
    vacuum cleaner, and I’m afraid he’s gonna choke. Working on waiting until I
    tell him to eat, so hopefully he’ll eventually slow down. Could that work?
    As for the standing part, even when I use food as a lure or hand target,
    which he’s starting to do, he just won’t stand up. However, I tried jumping
    backwards today and he got up a couple of times so I will continue doing
    that and I hope he gets the idea. Thanks a lot!

  17. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @Skyraiker5 7 weeks is really young. I am sure she is just getting to know
    her surroundings, her new family, etc… I would reinforce her for all good
    behaviors and you do not have to use a clicker for this. Just give her a
    yummy piece of chicken or something of the sort. Just get to know her by
    hand feeding her, giving high value treats for good things, and encourage
    playing with toys, but do not worry if she is not playing. I bet she will
    as soon as she is more comfortable with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Castulo Martinez says:

    @pamelamarxsen I have also tried that, just to wait till he sits by his
    own, but he just doesnยดt sit. He starts barking at me, he can stay like
    that like for a minute, then some times he runs away. I’ll try waiting
    until he sits today again. So what I should do is, 1) ask him to sit
    verbally, 2) make the hand gesture to sit, and 3) just wait until he sits
    no matter if that takes maybe more than a couple of minutes?

  19. natalia wasilewska says:

    aawhhh, how many weeks was he when you got him ?

  20. Skylar Hillebrant says:

    We just go a 7 week old border collie and are having trouble getting her to
    play and show some energy. She acts shy and timid do you have any tips to
    help us build a bond and help her play. We feel we have to do that first
    before we start her clicker training

  21. Amarianee says:

    Dogs respond to what /we/ teach them, even if it’s not on purpose. They
    pick up on habits and reactions fairly quickly. If you laugh and encourage
    them when they bark or nip, it reinforces that behaviour and they think
    it’s okay. Breaking a bad habit is a LOT harder than teaching them a good
    one from the beginning. People that own small dogs forget at times that,
    just because they’re small, does not mean they should get away with bad
    behaviour, “because it’s /soo/ cute.”

  22. Letty Gutierrez says:

    My dog Misty actually sits but doesn’t awnser when I say sit. She only does
    when I am about to give her food every morning; Or she only sits because
    she wants you to pet her. I was thinking on buying a clicker but she
    doesn’t even awnser anyway.

  23. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @nataliawasilewska97 He was 11 weeks.

  24. Amarianee says:

    @CastuloJavier It sounds like you need to train his social skills, too. The
    problem with chihuahuas, is that people have a tendency to inadvertently
    teach them bad habits by positively reinforcing negative behavior. I would
    work on the attitude first before the “sit” command, or you’ll be trying
    forever. When we got my Shepherd/Pit mix from the pound she constantly
    barked and couldn’t sit still. We had to get her hyperactivity in check
    before she started paying attention to other commands.

  25. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Thank you! I miss him at that age. He was and still is so much fun to work
    with and train. We went out for some special one on one time this morning
    and I just adore him! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my other dogs too, but Twix is my soul
    mate! :))

  26. Castulo Martinez says:

    @Amarianee That is a good suggestion. But how can I work in his
    hyperactivity first? How do I reinforce him to calm down? Can you suggest a
    few exercises please? Thanks for your reply =)

  27. RKSETV says:

    COOLLLL!!! I have a 1 and a half month old border collie and all she
    ALREADY KNOWS FETCH!!! bordercollies are so smart

  28. Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @CastuloJavier You could just wait until he finally sits on his own and
    capture the sit. So, he sits on his own: click & toss a treat (not too far)
    to get him back up and wait for him to do it again.

  29. P Vogel says:

    Erg leuk en leerzaam !

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