Obedience work with German Shepherd – 14wks old

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At 14wks, German Shepherd puppy, Cooper, needs to practice basic obedience in all conditions (day/night, hot/cold, home/public… etc). This is his first tim…
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26 Responses to “Obedience work with German Shepherd – 14wks old”
  1. pprq55 says:

    how do you teach the bark

  2. Robin Medellin says:

    I’m getting a 14 week old german shepherd later today named Nirvana. Really
    excited. ^-^

    I love everything about this except one thing – you gave him a treat after
    every command. Soon, he’ll only work if he knows he’s getting a treat. Give
    him a treat often, but occasionally praise him with play or petting.

  3. mygiguser says:


  4. Krešimir Šimičić says:

    @skywidedesign Thx a lot! I’ll try it out. Hopefully it works. I don’t
    really want my hands chewed off when my dog gets his permanent teeth 😀

  5. LikesAndFavs says:

    What is that clicking noise you’re making after the commands?

  6. djjazzydj says:

    i wish my GSD did these things – mine’s 9 weeks old and can only make a cup
    of tea, fetch the paper (from the shop) and iron me a shirt…!

  7. Aaron Sanchez says:

    Great video, very inspiring. I have a 14 week old GSD puppy “boot” and we
    are making great paces. What is the clicker about? I have never see that
    before and looks to be a good positive training tool. Thanks

  8. TheLineman73 says:

    Nice! Are there any guidelines to training? Im about to get a german
    shepherd puppy and this would be my first trained dog.

  9. Sean Scarmack says:

    Patience, practice, and positive reinforcement. Work on it 2-3 times a day
    and use yummy treats. Make sure the dog is a little hungry otherwise they
    won’t want to work for food.

  10. nikia SUNCHLD says:

    great video. whats the best advice you can give to people who haven’t used
    ebedience training yet and want to use it ? puppy is about 3 months old.

  11. Autumn Manka says:

    “Dog” whistles, or a quick sound with your mouth works well too. Some
    people chirp, “Good” in a high voice to mark the desired behavior.

  12. Autumn Manka says:

    I used the clicker, because this was the first time in the snow. If a
    “variable” of the training scenario changes, I liked using the clicker to
    let the dog know, “you can also do these behavior during X,Y * Z”. I’m a
    firm believer in lots of repetitions. 😉 .

  13. Michael H says:

    great little video…thanks for posting!

  14. Mohamed says:

    If i keep training my pup with treats will she usually after a few days
    respond to my command without giving him a treat? because he expects from
    me a treat, Right?

  15. Autumn Manka says:

    They are called “clickers” and any pet store, or online pet store will have
    them. They range from $1-$6 depending on handles, makers, etc… Google:
    “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor for the background on “marker
    training”. Every click = a reward. The “Click” MARKS the behavior you want,
    and the dog will try and offer the behavior again to get a reward.

  16. Autumn Manka says:

    @nikiathebasspleaser I think obedience training sets a great understand
    between a dog and its owner/handler. Befroe you start though, you should
    ask yourself, what is it you want from your dog? Simple obedience around
    the house? Obedience at the dog park? Competition obedience? Knowing what
    you want in the end, makes it easier to figure out the training tools that
    are best for you.

  17. MaximusGSD says:

    i started clicker training with y 8 week old gsd shepherd.. and i kinda
    taught him sit.. but i don’t think he understands what the clicker means..
    should i re-start, hes now 10 weeks old and i really want to train him ?

  18. Lexie Romine says:

    I have the exact same problem!

  19. 655865 says:

    i have got a german shepherd puppy and shes just 7 weeks now and listens to
    me when i call her come here sits and down eat when i command her to eat or
    else she will sniff and look at me for the command:) she bites which is
    natural as shes teething but shes learning not to bite human skin!!!! i
    think she wil learn more when shes gona be 3-4 months old but i have set
    the rules now:) message from london

  20. nataala1 says:


  21. kaymichelleification says:

    impressive little puppy, you have done a very good job, but i think your
    puppy is passed the clicker stage, he already knows his commands.

  22. Autumn Manka says:

    @crymidnight While I do beleive that methods used on TV are useful for a
    lot of dogs, I do not recommend these approaches for working dogs,
    especially police/protection/search and military dogs.

  23. AizicToxemia says:

    It’s so amazing to see how skilful the dogs are at learning to understand
    what we tell them, expect out of them and want them to do, at such a young
    age! That’s thousands of years of evolution for you. Dogs really are man’s
    best friend :’)

  24. Autumn Manka says:

    @iBoxBitch I recommend finding a local trainer who uses positive
    reinforcement, and going for a few sessions to gather a set of teaching
    tools to use on your own. Once you learn the basics that work for your dog,
    like the “Sit”, you can start looking for a Schutzhund club. A club like
    that will offer you more obedience practice, as well as other skills, like
    trailing & bite-work. Be ready for the feedback, that NOT all GSDs are cut
    out for bitework though, especially a dog with a history.

  25. Autumn Manka says:

    The timing of WHEN you train a puppy is very important. If the dog is
    hungry, it will be VERY receptive to treat-rewards. If the puppy is “crazy”
    excited, maybe the reward should be play instead of food. Also, for
    puppies, very small training sessions of 5-10 minutes is about all their
    short attention spans can handle. The benefit of short sessions is, you can
    do another in an hour or so! Keep up the good work!

  26. honeymoon0208 says:

    wo kommst du her? schreib mich bitte an

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