Peanut Golden Retriever at 10 weeks old doing tricks

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Peanut Golden Retriever at 10 weeks old doing tricks

Our golden retriever puppy Peanut is now 10 weeks old and has learned some basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come here, leave it or NO and also a few t…


25 Responses to “Peanut Golden Retriever at 10 weeks old doing tricks”
  1. herro HI says:

    Smartest breed I’ve seen. The other day I was asking my friends dog to sit
    and his brothers dog that he had over sat from across the room before his
    hound even comprehended, Also when they were both beside me he would give
    me high fives all the time when i asked and he is 9, There always puppies 

  2. 7Risen7Phoenix7 says:

    +PockASqueeno You’ll love this!!

  3. lovessox says:

    So how long did you take to train Peanut not to eat those two treats on
    both paws! That must have taken hours of work!

  4. Luke Richards says:

    32 assholes watched this…and are miserable

  5. sam3d says:

    heheh dogs are funny, they’ll do anything for food! :)

  6. geek gamer says:

    Everyone watching this, you can make any golden do this but you need to
    spend time with it. This golden is going to be an amazing dog when it is

  7. kellibear45 says:

    goldens are so smart and this one is no exception! beautiful too!

  8. maria pafundi says:

    I can’t wait till the 26 because that’s when i get to bring my golden
    retriever pup i named it Toby :-):-):-):-):-) #excited

  9. Othon von Salza says:

    if I was that dog I would bite your nose off when I would grow up, for
    hanging that noisy buzzer bell something… people are so fucking dumb.
    Since this video is old as hell, I hope that Golden bit you for that.

  10. Andrey Latinsky says:

    47 cat lovers

  11. Sims Lover says:

    But how?!?! I have been trying forever 

  12. Rick Cosmo says:

    good dog! good trainer!

  13. josh h says:

    What dog treats/brand are you using here. My golden is picky. 

  14. Marley Hampton says:

    So cute! She’s going to grow up to be such a gem of a dog because of all
    the time that you spent with her! She’s already so impressive.

  15. Amy Kang says:

    Was it easy for you to potty train your retriever?… 

  16. Mirna Mirna says:

    Ik hope you didn’t hurt her so she does does things!

  17. Rick Cosmo says:

    such a lovely dog

  18. Seshadri Seshadri says:

    LUV it

  19. Luna Zhang says:

    1:15 is more like a high five than a shake.. lol

  20. Alrubaee Muammil says:


  21. Karinda Jagmohan says:

    SO CUTE! Clever little puppy!

  22. donbrush says:

    Very cute. I miss my golden friend very badly – lost to old age after 16+
    years of being my best friend. Enjoy Peanut.

  23. Benjamin Cohanim says:

    dat epic high five at 1:17 !

  24. golddigger007 says:

    LOL cute 

  25. MsVolcano91 says:

    Amazing at such a young age!

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