Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to “Leave It”

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Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to

Our 9 week old golden retriever Peanut is doing her best to resist from eating the kibbles left on her paw.

Lexi girl’s dog tricks!


50 Responses to “Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to “Leave It””
  1. verycoolchicka says:


  2. Schwarze Eule says:

    Puppies are so cute!

  3. Victorious Pauper says:

    It is called “TRAINING” people !!!!! If you’d LEARN to train YOURSELVES
    then you’d actually have DISCIPLINE.
    Something that MOST Americans do NOT have today…..because they give into

  4. Paxton Chamblee says:

    Poor dog

  5. Travis Ross says:

    I remember watching a documentary about the difference between chimps and
    children for the study of evolution. The core difference was if you gave a
    child the choice to eat a cookie, or refuse the cookie in exchange for more
    cookies, the child would ignore the urge to eat the cookie for the deal to
    get more cookies. But if you tried to convince a chimp to refuse a banana
    in exchange for more bananas, they would always only eat the one banana
    because could not overcome their instincts. This shows that you can train a
    dog to be on a similar competency level as a human. ^-^

  6. matrix49A says:

    Got to love it.

  7. 9FORDIE9 says:

    This isn’t animal abuse you moronic cretins. You’ve only got to look at the
    condition of the (beautiful) pup to see that the animal is well cared for.
    So shut up and troll elsewhere. 

  8. Sapphy Faolán says:

    My puppy would have eaten the treats before they even left my hand lol that
    is one well trained dog

  9. Olle L/a says:

    Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to “Leave …:

  10. Cristina Ferreira says:

    Peanut our Golden Retriever puppy told to “Leave …:

  11. punisher777legend says:

    hahaha!! XD

  12. Paxton Chamblee says:

    Poor dog

  13. 68D60 says:

    Now give that pup a bit of steak! :)

  14. MJ T Guerrero says:

    He’s so cute and beautiful!!! Your video is one out of several that I saw
    teach this command, so I taught my Goldie at 3-4 months old, as well.

  15. Shelly Lu says:

    omg.. how can you resist her eyes.. >_< IT WAS LIKE DRIVING ME NUTSS I WAS LIKE "JUST LET HER HAVE ITTTT D;!!" 

  16. Ted Striker says:

    i don’t know what the dog is doing, but i know that the owner is performing
    a power trip.

  17. nantego says:

    We used to do the same thing, except leave it on the floor and walk away.
    The dog wouldn’t eat it without permission. It teaches them not to eat
    stuff off the ground at parks.

  18. Pinky K says:

    He is the cutest thing :)

  19. Alice Tsui says:

    Literally have this bookmarked on my computer and watch it whenever I’m sad

  20. Phoenix Jieh says:

    Could you be anymore adorable, Peanut?! ^^

  21. Stefano Caberlon says:
  22. Anna Wrenn says:

    cute little puppy! love the video

  23. Paul Parks says:

    “Peanut” is 1 smart puppy !

  24. douge1125 says:


  25. Elane Horhi says:

    I DID NOT like the “bang” thing at all.

  26. Flo Smithee says:

    My Lexi is nearly 4. Could be her clone. They`re beautiful dogs.

  27. Olivia Roberts says:

    How di you teach her so well!?!

  28. JohnNeal619 says:

    i hope i get close to this dogs talent my gr is almost 3 months ur
    training and lexi

  29. perkeShan nong says:

    paster??? lol

  30. Zee Ali says:

    Dont make it run on such a surface. Youre gonna ruin her legs!!

  31. Cheron Tito Delmoro says:

    Hey, you’re Filipino!!! Are you in the country? Just wondering if you train
    dogs professionally and if not, any ideas for good training schools for
    dogs? I’m about to get my Golden Retriever pup 1st week of Dec and I would
    sure love to get her in training…

  32. gabriela dangelo says:

    Cómo haces? El mio se no me da bola!!! Help me SOS!

  33. Blue-Eyed Soul Brother says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a Golden Retriever or German Shepard? I
    live in Ohio and cant find any :(.

  34. jpnoll says:

    what a beautiful sweet golden. She s SOOOOO obedient and adorable.

  35. RafaelPLAYZ says:

    you can also tell a golden retriever to open a cabinet watched it ina video

  36. Shamlan Hasawi says:

    Mine is a dumbass hehe 

  37. The It Clique says:

    awhh I have one too and I wish I could teach him all these tricks :’)

  38. aniket shiledar says:

    Very good

  39. Jordan Thomas Pimentel says:

    Hello, fellow bisaya. Kung naa ka extra golden retrievers for sale I’ll be
    glad to buy one. Maayo jud ni nga mga breed ba. sooo cute. :))

  40. David McAlister says:

    Wow how did you teach your dog to drop it?

  41. Andito Dp says:

    good girls!

  42. mrwatcherofmovies says:

    when i heard her saying faster! faster!…aww…can you teach your dog in

  43. Sarah Valderrama says:

    Very cute she is a very smart dog

  44. Jeric Asinas says:

    sabi na nga ba pinoy e 😀 (Y)

  45. Bigredlv1 says:

    This looks just like my Brady. He’s trained to do this stuff too. So smart
    and beautiful too!!! :-)

  46. rhymoont monteverde says:

    good girl jud xa

  47. Ahead of time says:

    take her to a tournament it will be a peice of cake ;)

  48. rhymoont monteverde says:

    naay itoy si lexy? palit ko?

  49. sanket vishwakarma says:

    Smart dog

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