Pen and Crate Set-up For Your New Puppy

April 7, 2015 by  
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Join Jo from Puppy Paws as she shows how to set-up a crate with a pen ready for when your new puppy arrives home. Includes tips for the sleeping area such as the use of heat pads, and how to…
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5 Responses to “Pen and Crate Set-up For Your New Puppy”
  1. Sli R says:

    Fantastic setup best i have seen yet. Curious since i have never used a pen
    before how do you get it secured on the floor? If a pup or even a 1 year
    old jumps up can they knock the pen over?

  2. Ashley Barr says:

    yea what Macguru13 said what size and where did you get it from

  3. Poppy Doodle10 says:

    Nice loved it :)

  4. Puppy Paws says:
  5. Macguru13 says:

    what size is the pen and where is it from?

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