Potty Training A Puppy – Use a clicker to potty train a puppy

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Potty training a puppy is easy when you use a clicker. If your having a hard time potty training get the free report: “7 Biggest Housetraining Mistakes And H…


17 Responses to “Potty Training A Puppy – Use a clicker to potty train a puppy”
  1. wweundertaker008 says:

    @MRJDOG1919 yes

  2. Tulips ontheorgan says:

    I know too late. @3 mos they have small bladders. When my dog was less than
    a year I crated her every time I went to market or errands- 4 hours max (I
    know people do that when they go to work, ugh, why get a dog?). So, they
    need access often say every 3-4 hours. At 3 mos I took my dog to pee spot
    and praised her every 3-4 hours day AND night (yes, seriously). As they get
    older they can hold it longer. puppy stage is a long of loving work. These
    are your <3 partners for 15+yrs, hopefully.

  3. Farouk Qosay says:

    actually i made my clicker in my way lol thumps up if you did

  4. Ian Ave says:

    Me too, I use my tongue… L0L. Seriously (I Have Videos)

  5. Lai Saelee says:

    Can someone help me. I just bought a 3 month old puppy and the previous
    owner said he’s potty trained but he already pee’d and pooped in my house a
    couple times. So I ultimately want him to potty outside, so should I start
    off by potty training him in the house with a pee pee pad, or should I just
    start off by training him to potty outside??

  6. thatnylesguy says:

    lol I think you may ur right.. Clickers r just fun.

  7. drakewade20061 says:

    when first using a clicker yes click and treat alot to get the dog to
    associate the click sound to a treat then start with the training

  8. Gotta Have It Mike says:

    some people arent good at controlling there voice pitches therefore the
    clicker being superior as it ALWAYS sounds the same.

  9. Jax Murphy says:

    hey i have been using the clicker for a while and im about to send my dog
    off to training but they probably wont use the clicker will my dog get

  10. littleinky9 says:

    I just adopted a 10 month old puppy. I’ve had her for 2.5 weeks and she
    rarely pees outside. Tonight I walked her around my complex 5 times and she
    didn’t pee. She waits until she gets inside to pee. So, I can I reinforce
    positive behvavior with the clicker when she just won’t pee outside?

  11. Ryan Atkins says:

    Our dog doesn’t really show any signs of needing to use the bathroom. We
    live in an apartment on the 2nd story and he can’t walk down the steps yet.
    He’s going on 13 weeks. Can we apply clicker training to a sign he could
    give us? Seeing as we don’t know when he has to go, it doesn’t seem
    possible. Then again, I’m new to all this.

  12. alexnds1 says:

    @littleinky9 You setup a feeding schedule. No water after 7pm at night.
    What goes in on time, goes out on time. By being better able to predict
    bowel movement or urination, you can reward for good behaviour vs bad
    behavior. You also crate train, to encourage denning instict. Put the puppy
    in the crate and reward for being in there via food reward. Get them to
    associate crate as a positive place, not negative place, with lots of
    praise and food. Your dog will not soil where it sleeps.

  13. Frejebebe00 says:

    Great vid! I love using the clicker for potty training since I don’t crate
    my dogs.

  14. Sukhi San says:

    So when i get my puppy do i just click and treat without him doing anything
    but looking at me? then when i keep doing over and over until he gets the
    idea that a click means a treat do i take him out?

  15. Wam The Tiger says:

    so after a while once your dog knows their trickscan you stop using the

  16. blackdogxx says:

    I clicker train and it is not complicated. The clicker is a signal that the
    dog learns quickly to associate with a reward. It comes down to luring the
    dog to do a behavior that you want, click and follow wioth a reward snack
    or petting. The startup is to wait until the dog looks at you … then
    click and reward him. Repeating it teaches the dog that looking at you gets
    that click sound and a snack. Once he is doing it a lot, THEN add the cue
    word (‘watch’ or ‘look’) to pay attention to you.

  17. dv45914 says:

    @Mooska I have the same problem, please let me know if you found a solution!

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