Potty Training Your Puppy – Six Great Tips For Easy House Training Part 1

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welltraineddog.org For Part Two (or see our blog, below). You might be so looking forward to having a new puppy (or have maybe just got one?) but dreading a long and challenging time trying to house-train it. Don’t worry, it can be quick and easy if you follow the tips here in this video. You really can have a potty-trained puppy easily by doing it the right way. Even if you might have tried potty-training puppies before, and maybe it was not as easy or successful as you might have wished, but don’t be put off by this. With all the misinformation or incomplete ideas around, it’s not your fault. Rest assured that with the details given in this video, you really WILL be able to potty-train a puppy easily. Bringing a new puppy into the household is usually an exciting event for both kids and their parents. A puppy is cute and cuddly and they are little balls of energy. There is a lot of patience involved in raising a happy, healthy and well trained dog. One of the first jobs that a family faces when a new puppy comes home is getting the dog housebroken. This means that the dog will eliminate outdoors and not use your home and furnishings as a toilet. Lots of people think that getting doggy potty trained is a tough task, but it doesn’t need to be. If you arm yourself with good information on the best way to get your dog house trained, you are on the right path to having a dog that goes to the bathroom where you want him to go. When to House Train Your Puppy . . . . . . For

Learn tips for housebreaking puppies in thisfree online video series. Expert: Tracy Tenner Contact: www.extracareanimalhospital.net Bio: Tracy Tenner has been training dogs for over 25 years. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau
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6 Responses to “Potty Training Your Puppy – Six Great Tips For Easy House Training Part 1”
  1. hayhay3419 says:

    Wow really I jjust got a new puppy and did nothing like that and she did fine this is just blabering bull crap!!!

  2. kass525 says:

    …that is? really? whew, thank god, i thought it was going to be harder than that xD

  3. FluffyCookie123 says:

    ooooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhh A PRETTYFUL SHIH-TZU!!

  4. FCKEVRY1 says:

    It wasn’t that extreme, dude. I just had to pick up on his schedule and now he pees at 7:10 AM, 4:30 PM and 10:00 PM. I just have to tap the wee wee pad and he comes to do his biz, then I take him outside after a ton of praise and petting. Cool dog.

  5. FCKEVRY1 says:

    He ended up training me. We’re ok now.

  6. FCKEVRY1 says:

    How does this make any sense? I can walk my dog for an hour and we won’t pee until we get back it.

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