Puppy Crate Training with the Clicker

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CLICK FOR DETAILS ** Kova at 9 weeks old learning to go into her crate for the first time using “shaping” methods with the clicker. This means that I am c…
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19 Responses to “Puppy Crate Training with the Clicker”
  1. PitonX015X says:

    Very good

  2. mar lopez says:

    She is Kova?

  3. Hana Kim says:

    Finally got my dog to go inside his crate! Thanks for this lesson! 😀

  4. AllAmericanTeam says:

    Do you think this technique could work on an older dog to get her to like
    her crate? *cough*Abbey*cough*

  5. agilityretrievers says:

    She is so cute!!! And watching shaping is fun. I cheered the first time she
    went in and laid down. Smart puppy!

  6. John Mills says:

    brilliant job

  7. Saku500 says:

    Wow, nice one ! I should try to use a clicker too, where can I buy it ?

  8. JustJesse197 says:

    It’s great to see a new video from you guys! Kova is adorable =o) I love
    seeing such happy, thinking dogs figuring out a new behavior; with a smile
    on their face. We hope you, Kova, and Dazzle are doing great. Looking
    forward to new videos of your awesome dogs~ (we miss seeing Dazzle perform
    her tricks, and can’t wait to see more Kova videos too)

  9. KatsDogs says:

    I do recommend crates for the car (ideally hard plastic, like Ruff Tough
    kennels, and not wire or fabric) just because it is safer for the dogs
    should anything happen. And if they like to be together, you could
    certainly get a LARGE crate and let them share it. 🙂 That said, my own
    dogs do ride loose sometimes, too.

  10. mocafever99 says:

    WOW!!! This pup is going to be a super learner!!!! Great job training her!
    She looks like she’s having TONS of fun!!

  11. Garvoon says:

    You are brilliant! My border collie (Andi) and I watch you and Dazzle all
    the time. Thanks for this lesson!

  12. KatsDogs says:

    Absolutely! You can use this same technique with any breed of any age.
    It’ll also work with any species (if you wanted to teach a pet cat or mouse
    to do this, for example). 🙂

  13. teamtikaani1 says:

    What a smart puppy! When you have two adult dogs do you recommend getting
    them crates for in the car instead of just sitting in the boot of the car

  14. KatsDogs says:

    Thanks! As the school term comes to a close I finally have more time to
    make some videos with all of the footage I have collected. 🙂

  15. KatsDogs says:

    Excellent question! I am using her dog food. So, this session used the
    lunch that she would have eaten anyway, except I used it for training
    instead of giving it to her in a bowl. All of this puppy’s meals were given
    in the form of training like this, so she learned a lot and never got fat
    or sick from treats. 🙂

  16. dyingforadestrier says:

    This was great! I smiled the whole time I was watching, gotta love fun
    training sessions 🙂

  17. tjg1976 says:

    Amazing! Seems like so many treats though. What do you use? How does a li’l
    puppy like that not get full?

  18. KatsDogs says:

    You can buy clickers online or at almost any pet store. They usually cost
    1-2 dollars.

  19. dohcdelsol93 says:

    any advice on helping a pup who will go into crate on cue but will
    whine/cry once the door is shut and locked? I don’t want to do the ignore
    method because while house breaking I want the pup to get my attention when
    he has to go. We are clicker training.

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