Puppy In Training TV – Ep5 – Halloween Dog Costumes and Dog Car Reviews

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PuppyInTraining.com – This episode we talk about Halloween, dressing up your puppy, and dog costumes. Not only did we celebrate Halloween with Dublin, but Dublin had the opportunity to review some of our favorite dog cars at the Orange County Auto Show. We checked out the Honda Element, Toyota Venza, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, and the Ford Escape Hybrid.


14 Responses to “Puppy In Training TV – Ep5 – Halloween Dog Costumes and Dog Car Reviews”
  1. PuppyInTraining says:

    Dublin is a good boy and I really appreciated the help from my assistant.  Hopefully we can find others to help in future episodes of Puppy In Training TV. Thanks for watching!

  2. PuppyInTraining says:

    we went to Target and bought the werewolf mask. Then we cut out the stitching and removed the rubber face portion and just kept the hair. We stitched in a dog collar, some elastic, and velcro so it would fit on Dublin’s head. It didn’t take too long. I’m not sure if they have the same werewolf mask at Target every year, but you might be able to find something similar when Halloween rolls around next year. The mask was pretty cheap too…only $9.99!

  3. PuppyInTraining says:

    I try to keep the videos under four minutes and that means a lot of editing. I wrote more about the pet friendly versions of the Element and Venza on the Puppy In Training blog. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them here in the comments section. Thanks for watching our latest Puppy In Training TV video!

  4. emimor1 says:

    Great episode. Your assistant did a good job too. I especially like the lead-in to the auto show and all information about the cars. Dublin’s costume was cute. He was good about leaving it on.

  5. Valkyrir4 says:

    where did you get the lion wig from… I love it…

  6. mikomoable says:

    This is a great episode of Puppy in Training Colby! I love the Halloween Costume…he’s a perfect lion, I think you should dress him like that all the time! hahaha!

    The pet friendly car information was cool too….I think you should expand on this subject…I didn’t realize how many options there were. I did feel like I wanted to know more about the pet features in each car, other than plastic floor-boards.

  7. PuppyInTraining says:


    WOWZERS! That’s a lot of for the Matrix…Yes! time to start looking at the Suburban!

  8. GuideDogGrownUp says:

    I hear you! We have a rescued golden, a boston cross and our guide dog puppy. Plus, I have a son in a carseat. So, we are one packed like sardines Matrix. Might need a Suburban soon.

  9. PuppyInTraining says:

    that’s the truth! I’m almost never in my car without Dublin…and Stetson and Linus ride in the back seat probably about 50% of the time.

  10. GuideDogGrownUp says:

    You know you are committed to being a puppy raiser when you consider which car to buy next. Ha ha

  11. PuppyInTraining says:

    thanks for telling us about your dog car. My sister has a Matrix and I have noticed that it’s all plastic w/ the seats down..very nice. A few of the things that really bug me about my Honda CRV are the seats & floors really hold in doggy odors and it’s nearly impossible to get dog fur out of the cracks & crevices. Thats why I really like the cars that have plastic floors & odor resistant seat material. I also thought the Wrangler w/ top down would be nice for airing out the car

  12. GuideDogGrownUp says:

    Another great video! We have Toyota Matrix with “all weather” mats. This makes our car a great guide dog transporter. Plus, when you fold down the seats it’s all plastic. Look forward to the next video!

  13. PuppyInTraining says:

    @brocolims our puppy raising group meets once a month and we do celebrate Halloween every year. The first few still images in the video are from our puppy raiser Halloween meeting.

    I’m not sure that just ignoring Dublin would work…maybe using a treat as a lure would work to take his mind off the whatever is on the ground. He is very adept at picking up pretty much everything off the ground. @Lynzhx0813 is correct we are not allowed to use treats as rewards, we can only use verbal praise.

  14. Lynzhx0813 says:

    The only problem with ignoring them, is that with guide dog puppies you are not allowed to use treats as a reward, only verbal praise.

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