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Peaceful Pups Dog Training presents how to teach your puppy to stop mouthy behavior using only positive reinforcement and clicker training principles. Puppie…


25 Responses to “Puppy Nipping, How To teach your puppy to stop | Peaceful Pups”
  1. Lafauntriac says:

    @BigMoneyMoveMaker Y’all black people always got their dumd

  2. tehrenberg says:

    Terrific tutorial, and great demo by a very cute pup!

  3. PeacefulPups says:

    @bluepetmusiclover However, the possibility of accidentally rewarding
    unwanted behavior is much better than punishing the puppy and having
    yourself associated with unpleasant things. Plus, if you have the potential
    for the pup to not know what he is being rewarded you also have the
    potential for the pup to have no idea what he is being punished for if you
    decide the puppy needs a “correction.” This results, among other things, a
    lack of trust and confidence in you and your training.

  4. MyFavoritePupJasmine says:

    Excellent video!

  5. PinkFluffies says:

    wished the video had better audio and wasn’t fuzzy. it is annoying!

  6. tyhhxsw says:

    Wow thx

  7. femeianisipurilor says:

    When I walk, my puppy is biting my slippers and pants! I say NO and shake
    the can, when is the can close enough to me. If not, I have to walk with
    dog attached to my foot.But then, he jumps to bite my hand and a slightly
    growls. I pull my hand, but he is fast enough, and my involuntarily I spank
    him and push him down, and I don’t want that! My puppy is 3 1/2 month old
    and weights 4lb.How can I correct this? Thank you for the post.

  8. JennyTheSpazz says:

    I always do similar things with toys reward with praise when he plays with
    his toy.

  9. Josh pe says:

    I like to wrestle with my dog but i dont want him doing it with my family
    and friends how do i let him know its ok to play and not play.

  10. Uhoh2Bad says:

    This is quality stuff, and I thank you for the information!!

  11. danisayselohel says:

    Beautiful dog I have a husky 1 year old these tips helped. Subscribing
    thanks so much, it’s made life much easier x

  12. BigMoneyMoveMaker says:

    im sorry, but yall white ppl always rewarding and shit. i raised my pit
    like i raised my daughter. you only get rewarded for doing good things. if
    she did something bad, i let her know it was bad and if she continued,
    there were consequences…and yes im an ass whooper. my dog is now
    perfectly fine, still loves and protects me, and doesnt bite me. and my
    daughter is ok but she still bites lol.

  13. bluepetmusiclover says:

    Will it create a behaviour chain? Like mouth, stop and get a treat?

  14. NatureSelectPets says:

    an amazing channel. keep it up 😉

  15. PeacefulPups says:

    @MyFavoritePupJasmine thanks!

  16. Laura Chacon says:

    My dog has the same toy snake!

  17. duranls1 says:

    my Boxer when was a pup (now 2 yrs old) used to bite my feet when I was
    wearing socks, he destroy them all!!, was cute but a rascal of a pup who
    nipped even the drywall at times, a friend told me lemon peels oddor was a
    good solution or any citrus scent would keep the dog off from biting things
    he isn’t suppose to, that helped back then somehow, now he doesn’t destroy
    anything thankfully

  18. Amanda Ely says:

    Too many treats! It’ll be the size of a house!! Too fat to bite (maybe
    that’s the goal)

  19. Clayton Brown says:

    “Yall white people.”

  20. bluepetmusiclover says:

    @PeacefulPups Alright, thank you so much for your reply!

  21. PeacefulPups says:

    @bluepetmusiclover Yes, you can accidentally create a behavior chain if you
    are not careful! To prevent this from occuring, you must reward multiple
    times before the puppy mouths your hands to create the association of
    rewards only come when puppy is not mouthing.

  22. Geo Bentley says:

    this is the best video for my 11 week old half golden lab – half gold
    retriever even though it is not the most viewed. Thank you so much for this

  23. amberboa says:

    To me it looked like the dog was learning to bite once to get a reward. I
    use a water bottle. I spray him everytime he bites and he stops immediatly
    and begins to lick. And he is a very nippy pup. lol In one day he went from
    nipping so bad that my daughter couldn’t even walk by , to her being able
    to crawl around on the floor with him and he just licks. Water bottle saved
    him from finding a new home.

  24. Ana Renteria says:

    Great video! I have to try it. Been bitten already so many times!!

  25. PeacefulPups says:

    Having a dog work for his food rather than just being fed out of his bowl
    usually doesn’t lead to obesity! 😉

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