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Now! You look at your beautiful young puppy and you are thinking how you are going to have a fun feel loving experience with your puppy, but forgetting one thing” puppy training advice”. You must give your dog a good training advice for him to be able to behave well and nicely. You have to be careful on the types of training you are going to be teaching your puppy.

Here are the lists of training advice that you must follow

Appraisal training method- appraisal method should always be the number one priority. When teaching your puppy this method, make sure that whenever your puppy misbehave, do not spank him instead correct him and when he gets it rights give him some showers of praise. This will make your little puppy your best friend and he will never want to make mistakes again so that he will receive praise from you.

Good command training

Good command training will make your puppy a well behave and obedient dog. Training like heel, sit, roll, down, this are the basic teaching your puppy should first come in contact with. This will make him socialize with other people when they speak to him. Make sure you do the training alone so that you won’t complicate issues. Using a fix word like “sit” to address him and latter turn it to “sit down” will complicate issues. You are going to make him confuse. So allowing other people to train your puppy, they might use another word which might be worrisome.

Sit teaching.

If you want a perfect way on how to teach your puppy how to sit properly, you should begin by holding the treat in front of his nose and then lift it slow to the top of the head. When doing this, make sure you use the word “sit”. Always do this if you want to your beautiful puppy to understand better.

Down teaching

Take the reverse of the sit teaching to follow the down teaching. Your puppy is sitting down, slowly take the treat downward and use the command “down” to make him understand what its means.

You have to apply this puppy training advice to make your puppy a perfect pet to be proud of. But don’t forget that you have to be patient because the result will come if you apply it effectively. Happy training.


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