Puppy Training & Care : How to House-Train a Puppy

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House-training a puppy is all about patience, being realistic and teaching a puppy where they can go in the house. Get a puppy to recognize that outside is the place for urination and defecation with pet care advice from a veterinarian in this free video on dog training and raising puppies. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


23 Responses to “Puppy Training & Care : How to House-Train a Puppy”
  1. Domo Kun says:

    Really helpful, thanks

  2. Steven Huang says:

    He must be a red sox fan. He wants the dog to poop on jeter.

  3. ccortez108 says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzz….. O what did u say ???

  4. SimpliztixX says:

    i grabbed my dogs shit and smeared it all over my grandpa’s newspaper, hes pissed

  5. DjDowney2k9 says:

    i dont think any of these people have dogs that poop

  6. JLCRD10 says:

    very helpful!

  7. thenurr says:

    I’ve done that, putting poo and pee on the wee wee pads and that really did the trick. However ever now and then he doesn’t quite make it 😛 He’s at least in the vicinity, thankfully I have concrete floor!

  8. knott303madalyn says:

    I never used this before!
    What I whould do is when my dog went in the house was nothing.
    When I took him outside I would take him to the same spot and when he went pee I whould give him a treat and a pet on the head.
    I wanted to teach him that going outside is better then inside.

  9. BigTrev15 says:


  10. sf505nm says:


  11. michaelckyang says:

    For those of us living in apt, I use a flushable dog poop bag and let sewer system takes care of dog waste.

  12. alite10 says:

    why are you dieing its what there called dumb ass

  13. Smileyface992 says:

    I got my dog (a shih tzu) when she was 8 weeks old. It took me 1-2 days to house-train her. I just kept a close eye on her inside, and when I saw her sit down to “do her business”, I’d clap to distract her, and carry her outside. She got the picture pretty quickly, and started going to the door when she needed to go 🙂

  14. Cheerxpert101 says:

    peepee pad! hahahahahah im dieing!

  15. gauchebag says:

    “pee pee pads” jesus christ

  16. brklynb0y says:

    what i did with my dog is when he peed on the floor i wiped it and put it on the pee pee pad that way he smells his pee and goes there took me 3 days 2 teach him…….also when your dog craps on the pad instead of the floor give him candy that teaches them 2 cause he wants candy lol

  17. Saskatchian says:

    You did not explain this good you are not very througho

  18. TanabiSimba says:

    He explains this badly and he’s not very thourough with his explanation…

  19. TanabiSimba says:

    In a dogs natural hierarchy (‘Pack’) puppies are obviously cared for by the more dominant members of the pack. Sometimes dogs (of any age) will try to imitate puppy-like behaviour to show more dominant members of their group that they’re not a threat to them (e.g. peeing, face-licking etc.).
    Thus, your dog may may be afraid to challenge you in any way, so anytime you show her attention, she pees to show you she’s not a threat. This problem can be solved, but it’s going to take a lot work!

  20. vickmares says:

    one of my puppies goes pee in the bathroom
    the other one pees on any paper product like magazines books newspaper
    and the youngest is a nervous pee-er , any time i call her name she pees!

  21. machturbo6 says:

    a dog should deff piss on that newspaper with derek jeter on it


  22. csstrikee says:

    i must have been lucky, my puppy i got at 12 weeks, barked at door for a pee etc, never had an accedent 😀 he is now 1 year old! 😀

  23. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    With humans it’s called potty training, but for dogs it’s house training. Kind of sending Fido mixed messages there!

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