Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (2.2) At Home with Jasper

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See More @ http://www.DogStarDaily.com/ ) In Week 2 we visited a SIRIUS student at home, to see what training was like with the whole family. Jasper introdu…
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Groodle/Goldendoodle - 8week old puppy training session - 'Merlot'

Merlot is our new puppy. He is an 8 week old Golden Retreiver X Standard Poodle aka Groodle or Goldendoodle. We have started training him using treats – this…


10 Responses to “Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (2.2) At Home with Jasper”
  1. Sean Kelly says:

    full of sh*t lol you have been doing this training for more then 1 day 

  2. Adam Guthrie says:

    I’m getting a Goldendoodle in a couple weeks. my puppy will look like yours
    but mine will be a girl. great video and very smart puppy

  3. Alex Popsie says:

    Hi fellow dog people!, Training for any new dog or puppy is really
    important, and the best way to train them is by following the videos and
    program on onlinedogtraining.us. This site is now my first port of call !

  4. analanalyst says:

    all goldendoodles can have there hair grow long, it just depends on when
    you cut it. all goldendoodles vary in terms of there coat between wavy and
    cury, sometime they have a mix of both

  5. TheMonkeyZee says:

    Hi, our puppy wasn’t fully toilet trained till 8months. We would take him
    outside and say ‘go toilet’ then praise and treat him when he did…this
    took persistence but now he goes toilet on demand. You can also try using a
    clicker for simple come, sit, stay commands and more advanced tricks
    also..I have used this with Merlot a bit and found it quite effective. Just
    make sure you click at the exact moment they have done what you wanted.
    Hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

  6. Meatduck says:

    I prefer obedience training rather than using treats, I only treats my dog
    when he does tricks

  7. Julian Bolster says:

    My wife and I are thinking about getting a Goldendoodle. Can you post some
    new pics? I’m interested in seeing how this puppy’s coat has developed now
    he’s a bit older. Is it long, curly, wavy? Thanks!!

  8. saadd saad says:

    kol khara

  9. honeygirlanne says:

    hi, I have a 8 weeks and 2 days old godendoodle puppy, and he won’t go
    potty or come or sit or stay and we have tried treat training. we brought
    him home yesterday, and tried all afternoon and this morning as well, is
    there some sort of a trick that you are using? I would really appreciate it

  10. JasonTCRadvanced says:

    Lol u said cum

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