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mypuppycare101.com Help your puppy get started off on the right “paw” with his puppy training. It can be easy and fun and it is really nice to have a well behaved dog
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Kikopup spends nearly all of her time making free training videos and educating the public for free. If you would like to make a donation to support her work, simply go to the link below and click on the donate button. You can donate as little or much as you like. My dream would be to be able to support myself from creating free content that everyone around the world could access no matter what their situation! www.dogmantics.com Puppy Tips 3- First things to train and avoid- Clicker Dog Training Puppy Tips 3- First things to “how to teach dogs to be calm” “dog training” “dog trainer” “clicker training” “first things to teach a dog” “how to train a dog” and avoid- Clicker Dog Training
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24 Responses to “Puppy Training Tips”
  1. Hayley1518 says:

    I have an 8 week old toy poodle. She gets so excited and won’t make eye contact when I make a noise or call name (she’s learning name still). She does come with me when I tell her to come, but only when I’m moving. Training her is tough.

  2. NancyTaylor28 says:

    I love how you have a way with dogs. I am trying but not doing very good yet. I had an incident today. My puppy (missy) found something in the grass and was eating it and when I tried to get it she went crazy on me, biting and trying to get away. How can I get her to give up what she has? Nelk@live.com

  3. as2wd21s231 says:

    I’m so glad I’m getting a dog that doesn’t need to be cosmetically altered in any way. I would hate to have this argument with a breeder about tail docking and ear gluing/taping. I’m against do anything to a dog that doesn’t benefit the dog, especially for human vanity.

  4. xtipi says:

    Hi emily, do you still need to load your clicker or does it get “loaded” as you work with your puppy?

  5. kathrynblogs says:

    u mad bro

  6. Cely Rodriguez says:

    i do the tricks and my dog still wont listen

  7. Lauren Whaley says:

    why on earth would someone want to use glue to change the way their dogs naturally fall…

  8. laurafeg says:

    Uh… you yourself just said it’s done “in regards to some countries’ law”, which simply isn’t true at all. It’s also still considered cropping if they are glued in place or manipulated to grow differently.
    Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that you spelled “illiterate” wrong?

  9. kensheebattousai says:

    Shut up! Please shut up! I never ever ever talked about cropping ears!!! I used to love these tutos but one comment about FOLDING mothafucking ears and all you ignorant people misread and try to talk knowledge about laws you don’t know regarding sh*t I never said. For the last time, for the illeterate idiots who keep on reading that I wanna cut staffies’ ears, I DONT!! Freaking go back to school and learn how to read!! Dumbasses!!!!

  10. laurafeg says:

    cropping a dog’s ears has nothing to do with laws. there is never a need to do it. canine organizations accept un-cropped ears in breeds anyway. oh, and staffies ears are never to be cropped anyway, and it’s just ridiculous that you would suggest doing anything to alter their ears, ESPECIALLY because these puppies are mixed breeds. stop spewing about false information.

  11. kensheebattousai says:

    No one talked about pointy ears, learn how to read!

  12. brenda0006 says:

    yes, but regardless, it isnt the “standard of the race” they have NATURALLY floppy ears, unless humans feel the need to go hey, they look stupid this way, lets give them pointed ears. seriously, in almost all countrys dog shows allow pit-bulls, staffys, dobermans and such have floppy ears. anyway your argument about how they are seen in public as dangerous in some places, the pointed ears make people perceive them as more dangerous. so again, they are best to have floppy, natural ears.

  13. kensheebattousai says:

    So you see, if your dog isn’t standard, it changes nothing for him personaly obviously but it does for the canine organizations and often for it’s status in regards to some countries’ law.

  14. kensheebattousai says:

    For example, pitbulls, boerbulls and tos inu are in france severely regulated because considered 1st category of “dangerous” dogs. I know this isn’t objective but in france, their have been many dumb people who have taken pitbulls and other dogs to organize fights and now, it’s a hassle to even have a dog who looks like a pitbull. Those dogs can’t walk without a leash in public places, have to have a muzzle in public, can’t reproduce, etc. 2nd category (amstaffs, etc) is almost the same.

  15. kensheebattousai says:

    Because it’s the standard of the race! If you don’t understand that than I can’t help you. What you don’t realize is that a dog has to be confirmed after he is at least 1 year old in order to be able to reproduce and have puppies considered like staffies. If parents aren’t confirmed by the standard, puppies won’t have the standard and in some countries, it changes their whole status. In France, standard staffies aren’t bothered by the law, but non standard staffies are.

  16. brenda0006 says:

    Im sorry i actually know quite a lot about cruelty to animals, with family working in the RSPCA im hardly ignorant. Ill admit i misread your original comment, i didnt know you wernt referring to clipping, but why do you want to change a dogs appearance anyways? i quote you say “it’s not the proper way.” how is how is the natural look of an animal not the proper way? is hard for me not to attack, because im very opinionated on this, but i really dont see your point of view.

  17. TheFlakita135 says:

    I am gonna try it

  18. Gr33nAppleEyes says:

    This sounds like a typical adolescent problem. Often times, teenaged dogs (males especially) are VERY excitable. They hump not because they’re trying to be dominant, but because it’s exciting, makes them feel good, and it’s a way to shed some excess energy. Getting him neutered ASAP will help significantly. Increasing his exercise/play time will also help, especially if he’s tired out in situations where he is usually prone to humping. If he does hump, remove the person/dog from reach.

  19. kensheebattousai says:

    You’re an ignorant person who just talks about stuff she doesn’t know. Staffie ears are naturally folded. If they fall, putting a little bit of tape to help them grow into the right shape is absolutely harmless and just takes a few days! So please, don’t talk if you don’t know. This has nothing to do with cutting ears to shape them as wanted.

  20. brenda0006 says:

    yeah its very cruel to clip or alter dogs ears. people who do go on about crap about it not being cruel or it not hurting them, but the truth is it puts them through months of torment. its like how Chinese girls used to have to bind their feet or in the past people used to shape babys heads. would you think that is a humane thing to do?

  21. laurafeg says:

    i think she meant ear cropping, and you shouldn’t do it with mixes, like this puppy, and it doesn’t even matter what the ears are like. if i dog’s ears were supposed to be pricked, they would be born that way.

  22. Kikyo361 says:

    Hi!!! i need help.. my 10 month old is becoming a humper.. is going to be neutered at 18 months but i can’t bear with it for that long.. its not even for sexual reasons just more of a dominance thing.. he does it to both males and females.. >_< how can i get him to stop?? i have been correcting him but he continues!! ugh!

  23. Pandaraze says:

    Hi Emily, could you do a video on grooming, such as cleaning the ears and teeth?

  24. Leevithedog says:

    it’s not illeal, it is very common with shelties for example to glue their ears when they are pups (not as bad as it sounds like really). Haven’t done it myself but it is not illegal in Finland and not in Sweden either. It shouldn’t hurt but I do find it a bit unnecessary, they look cute the way they are 🙂

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