Raising and Training the Amstaff / Pitbull

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Raising and Training the Amstaff / Pitbull

This is my review on training tips for raising your American Staffordshire Terrier from a puppy. The Amstaff is an excellent dog with heaps of great qualities that make it an easy dog to train….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to Teach the Give Paw Trick | Dog Training

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 Responses to “Raising and Training the Amstaff / Pitbull”
  1. ozziereviews says:

    +ThrowingBrick Contact my breeder and ask her (the email is in the
    description field)

  2. snylta says:

    I have just bought a Amstaff. It almost looks like yours. Great video.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  3. NollaGirl504 says:

    What a great video. Very helpful and formative. I’m a happy and proud owner
    of a new Amstaff puppy that I adopted a week ago. He is a handful however
    I’ve begun training him and I’m impressed at his ability to obey me so
    soon. I’m looking to my new life with my new Amstaff baby.

  4. ozziereviews says:

    @γιωργοσζωγραφοσ Thank you… now to answer your questions, yes I think an
    Amstaff is a great dog for any age group as they are loving dogs… they do
    play bite but you can easily control that, these dogs aren’t aggressive
    towards their owners or people in general and lastly, yes this dog is very
    trainable, intelligent and a great dog provided you have the time to spend
    raising him/her correctly… give them love and they will do anything for

  5. Simon Zobovič says:

    Best videos about amstaffs 🙂 like it. 

  6. Maria Mondino says:

    Hello! I have a amstaff ( Bono) and is very intelligent and sweet! He has
    six months , and he has learned all the basic commands of behavior. But the
    problem is that he bites playing us (not hurt us , but it’s annoying ) and
    he jumps to the guests. You got some video from that? Thanks , from
    Argentina, Maria.

  7. Bunny Star says:

    Hello, i was curious to do they shed a lot? I’ve noticed they’ve got a
    short coat so i hope to hear from you. Xx

  8. Kikisz760 says:

    Hi I have a question, I got a amstaff terrier also. He’s 5 months what
    should I feed him? He’s really picky he likes me changing his food flavor
    constantly. I want him to get toned up and healthy what do you recommend? 

  9. MrRoyalbeers says:

    You have a beautiful dog :)

  10. amine zouari says:

    my dog doesnt like chewing the toys what to do ?

  11. BillHicks420 says:

    How do you get them to do tricks in environments with more stimulus, like
    in public/ dog parks?

  12. Kikisz760 says:

    Thanks for the help I appreciate it 

  13. Jacquelyne Lee says:

    Thank you for the advise! My family will be getting one January. 

  14. Bridie Ansell says:

    My Amstaff pup is very nippy and bitey. Apparently they grow out of it when
    they get their adult teeth? She can be a beautiful girl but when she gets
    excited or playful she bites. I’ve got scratches and bites everywhere. 

  15. Julien D says:

    He’s beautiful. You raised him right. I hope you two can be together for a
    long time :3

  16. slavork89 says:

    i was very interested in buying amstaff. but i didn’t know is it a good dog
    for me. so i googled everything, talked with some friends who have amstaff,
    watched videos, including yours… aaaand, long story short, yesterday i
    bought him. and now here he is… sleeping on my lap :)

  17. Andrei x says:

    great videos man

  18. Nikisha Haridut says:

    I have watched a few of your videos and are very useful, I just have a few
    questions bout my amstaffs behaviours. He is 7 months now and likes to pee
    in certain spots in the house. I also have a female 3 year old Germany
    shepherd, not sure if it’s dominance. Also he likes to run out the yard,
    and does not listen when you call him, he just runs further when he sees
    you, I do take him for walks and he runs out more often after a walk.
    Please advise…. Thank you

  19. Strahinja Vukovic says:

    Great video!

  20. David Hanley says:

    loved the video I learnt a lot of information on the Amstaff. I just want
    to ask you, would this dog be suitable for a sixteen year old as as i am
    thinking of getting one for my son as my son really want to get an Amstaff?

  21. Joel Pamittan says:

    Good day sir. I just watch your video and you and your dog is so amazing.
    Well sir i hope that you mind. I just want to get some tips or advises you
    can give about my amstaff.

    I have a 1 year old female amstaff. I got her when she was 6 months old.
    She was with me for about 2 months then sadly and unfortunately my father
    dont want a dog in our house but i do love dogs so he find a way to take
    the out of our house and put it in another place where i can visit my
    amstaff. So she was 8 months that time. But the place is a bit far away
    from our house and since then that my amstaff is away from me, me and my
    dog only see each other once a week. And now she is 1 year old. I was just
    wondering if my amstaff will still remember me and act same when we were
    together even if see each other one’s a week?

    I do hope for your reply sir. Please respect my post.

    Thank you.

  22. HAMZA Ali says:

    Your awsome and really helpful thanks alot.

  23. Jack Carbone says:

    Hey mate nice pup . My blue girl looks exactly like him , did you get him
    from andonas kennels ??? 

  24. Chad Bays says:

    Nice video, your dog looks great any food recommendations for puppies?

  25. Akash Patil says:

    How to control apbt puppy biting

  26. G Jones says:

    Nice video… now all I need is a dog.

  27. Beleth says:

    I have husky, I need something supernatural to beat his stubbornness. He is
    very smart but so stubborn it drives me crazy.

  28. I don't know what I'm doing says:

    she cheats, she has a smart dog… my dog just tried to eat my hand. 

  29. ItzJoseph ッ says:

    wut if me dog don’t got no legs tho?

  30. John Rooney says:

    My dog is very paw at this…

  31. This girl is a Vip says:

    My puppy is 5 month and learned it in seconds :D

  32. ObeyIsOkey says:

    First trick I tought my 8 week old puppy, BANG then he started sleeping xD
    I didnt even have to do anything I just did that once and he did it.

  33. Zomebie Slayer says:

    puppys are hard to train even if there germen shepers

  34. JAY DEE says:

    your dog does it once do it 20 more times and bang you got it 

  35. Jasmine S says:

    Really,helpful for me

  36. Pastxl_Poison_x says:

    My cavachon had it within seconds!!

  37. Jason Hitchcock says:

    +HOWCAST…. Great job.. I love your videos, thank you

  38. Leolia Davis says:

    Ohh its my dogs turn

  39. Valentina Moro says:

    It worked in two days!and my dog is 9 years old not a puppy. Thanks very
    much. But will they give paw even without treats? My dog only give paw if
    she knows treat is coming 

  40. Ian Rich says:

    What if my dog is fat and cant have no treats…

  41. Mia Pagano says:


  42. Brianna says:

    This works greaT! I taught my puppy to do it in 5 minutes!

  43. Sayu Ranjith says:
  44. Isabella McCleskey says:

    This was great. It helped me a lot! My dog learned it easily. :)

  45. Jared Snipes says:

    mine wont use his paws he just keeps sniffing the treats and licking my

  46. Elizabeth Woods says:

    I feel like my Doberman would get exited and bite my hand off lol well I
    guess we will try!

  47. Alex Garvey says:

    Outstanding tutorial, I did this and my dog learned paw within 3 minutes.
    Great video!

  48. Linda Rogieo says:

    Thanks so much for your tutorial. My dog learned it in less than two
    minutes and that was with two other dogs butting in.

  49. Naomi Hanlon says:

    This was brilliant! Took my lab a while to get him lifting his paw rather
    than just licking my knuckles, but when he started associating the two, he
    had it within minutes. Very proud pooch mama! 

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