Red zone… aggressive Golden Retriever

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7 months old Golden Retriever into red zone aggressive behavior. Spectacular footage.


24 Responses to “Red zone… aggressive Golden Retriever”
  1. Jaustine Anne says:

    This is why as my Golden is still a puppy, I pet him just a bit while he
    eats or hand feed him at times so he doesn’t become food aggressive. But,
    does anyone know how to teach a senior dog to not be food aggressive? I
    have three fur-babies, and one of them (a Chihuhua mix) are food
    aggressive. He’s always been like this. He’s gotten better through the
    years though (he used to be a bit aggressive due to how fearful he used to
    be). I rescued him from the streets when he was a (what the vets guessed
    off of his teeth) 8 month old puppy and so, I believe that is the reason
    why he came into my family with food aggression and all the fear (that
    sometimes can make him aggressive, but not as much anymore). He is now 7
    years old, and is not as fearful anymore but still has food aggression. I
    had him when I was 11 and my parents left all the responsibility to me…in
    which, I didn’t know how to really train a dog at the time and that’s why
    he still has food aggression and why it took him longer to come out of his
    shell :(. I’ve tried doing what Cesar Millan did (claim the food bowl as
    mine and show him It’s my territory) but he’s still a bit food aggressive.
    Any tips/ideas? 

  2. Eddy Secco says:

    Bad try. There is no such thing as a dangerous Golden Retriever. That is
    unless you fear being licked to death! They have a soft mouth and will only
    scratch you by accident. Golden Retrievers are a gift from Heaven.

  3. Heather Webb says:

    doesn’t look like a purebred…could have a different breed mixed in that
    is aggressive?

  4. Icy Bird says:

    I thought aggressive goldens where a myth

  5. Angela Ponder says:

    Good video to show how training an aggressive dog to be calm works. I use
    a different method I. Do Ch Ch CH… very quickly walk into the dog with
    hand open to side but a little forward. Though our dog has never been so
    aggressive for us. She is very low in the pack… the lowest for that
    matter. Good job.

  6. Thestoneofdoom says:

    It is a good video to demonstrate how a dog can become VERY food
    aggressive. ANY dog of any bloodline/breed/etc can become aggressive and
    food aggressive is definitely the more common to become aggressive with.
    Whether its a Golden Retriever or some kind of shepherd, or mutt, or ANY
    DOG, with no correction or no visible respect towards the family/owner, any
    dog can become a Red-Zoned Dog..Or a Bad dog. I’ve come across plenty of
    purebred dogs who were the absolute worst dogs, they were a danger to
    everyone in the office. They would lunge at people, including children, and
    other dogs within six feet and the owners just shrugged it off and would
    cuss us out if we asked them to either take the dog outside or put a muzzle
    on it. These dogs, by the way, were mostly purebred labs, goldens, german
    shepherds, huskies/malamutes and chows.

    ANY DOG CAN BECOME AGGRESSIVE. It is NOT the breed. It is NOT the
    bloodlines. It is the DOG and the OWNER. Every dog is an individual just
    like any human. This video shows the good progress this young Golden had
    and I am glad he or she seems to have gotten mostly over their food

  7. Sam Yaya says:

    When he was growling, his tail was wagging. If someone stuck a Chuck It in
    your face, would you be happy?

  8. Groovey Dog says:

    To be fair I’d probably get aggressive if you waved some chocolate in my
    face and then took it away. So I can relate to the dog….

  9. Sessan Dydland says:

    the only thing i dont get is the flexi leash, but who am I to understand

  10. jajo joja says:

    what happen if you’re eating and someone put a plastic giant spoon in your

  11. Ma. Cristina Sajol says:

    Of course the dog will be aggressive if you keep sticking that big stupid
    spoon unto his face!!! The more u do that the more he’ll be aggressive. The
    dog shouldn’t be treated like that!!! Stupid people!!!

  12. Jasmine Păuna EXOtic EXO-L , A.R.M.Y & Arianator says:

    Sunteti din Romania? 😮 , wow , Da de ce este osul acela 😮 , O doamne … 

  13. marvan916 says:

    Goldens are known to be gentle but, unfortunately, some can be aggressive.
    Read somewhere that bloodlines may be a factor but who knows. I believe
    early enforcement is key to avoiding this kind of behavior. Taught my
    golden early on. Now all I have to do is cluck my tongue and she will drop
    whatever is in her mouth and let me have it.

  14. BubblePandaGamer says:

    It looks like a different dog the aggresive one

  15. Lilvamp2012 says:

    whether or not they are training the dog reaching your hand down by the
    bone while the dog is growling is just ASKING to get bitten. You can tell
    by his body language he is warning that he will snap.

  16. FofukiGuJi says:

    2:28-nál is látszik, hogy Golden Retriever… 🙂 Agresszív, agresszív, de
    más fajta kutya már rég többször is belekapott volna az ember kezébe.
    Esetleg még a közelébe sem engedné hasonló szituációban az embert.

  17. Sternbruecke110 says:

    Rumänen haben doch alle einen an der Marmel

  18. Aquadelic says:

    wthat the fuck are you doing to such a lovely and beautiful dog?

  19. Katelyn Nicole says:

    My Golden used to growl when we went near her food, but she wasn’t that
    bad. We eventually trained her to stop.

  20. Muhamed Omerkic says:

    My GR is doing the same. I am so frustrated.

  21. howtonotsuk 222 says:

    Goldens are sooooo easy to train a 10 years old can do it, how did this giy
    fuck it up?

  22. Brendan May says:

    don’t you mean… aggressively nice?

  23. Dioz Mahardhika says:

    like labrador.. or golden mix with labrador?

  24. ChloeXlover says:

    Sad. Golden Retrievers are some of the most gentle. You guys did a great

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