Shedding Rake – German Shepherd Grooming Tools

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Filed under Puppy Training Video Grooming the German Shepherd – I sometimes call them the German “Shedder”. Watch us use our favorite grooming tool. Want to join our…
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Dave Talks About Humans Getting Aids From Monkeys. Funny Shit.


50 Responses to “Shedding Rake – German Shepherd Grooming Tools”
  1. texangirl1964 says:

    @TotalGermanShepherd Short hair German Shepherd need constant grooming.. I
    have two heavy shedders. 🙂 If I did not groom them every other day my food
    would be full of hair my clothes and everything else, well I actually
    already have that problem.. Ha!! If you can’t handle Dog Hair you don’t
    want a German Shepherd..

  2. TotalGermanShepherd says:

    @concordbdance I got this one at PetSmart a few years back. Even if you
    can’t find the same exact one I’m sure that any shedding rake that is close
    to this design would do just fine. I love mine!

  3. TotalGermanShepherd says:

    @FilmerOfBobcats Believe it or not, at a local pottery store, kind of like
    Home Depot, that had pet supplies too

  4. natalia wasilewska says:

    @TotalGermanShepherd so… it that like middle ?

  5. Jo L says:

    Do you use that everyday? Only the shedding rake? Or is there something

  6. bigsisterx4 says:

    My German Shepherd didn’t really start shedding until after her first
    winter, but on a young dog, I don’t think you will need to use the shedding
    rake until at least the first year or until you notice, that hair is just
    falling out when you pet her or rough house with him/her. Just use a
    slicker brush, which if she does start shedding it will help.. but even
    when it doesn’t it won’t damage its hair.. but will help it to get used to

  7. Chelsea Ee says:

    Do German Shepherds’ fur get matted easily?

  8. Angel Deville says:

    German Shepherds — more like German “Shedders”

  9. MichaelJacksonLove14 says:

    Will it make the german sheperd shed a litlle less if you use the shedding
    rake everyday/week???

  10. natalia wasilewska says:

    is that a longhaired one ? or a short ?

  11. Animalloverkisskiss says:

    i need one of those

  12. SHORTY111i says:

    is this good for my medium haired gsd that sheds all the time

  13. bigsisterx4 says:

    Thats silly, I don’t think you would get the look of the gsd, if you
    changed the genes, if you really love the breed you just have to suck it

  14. Susan Boscia says:

    I have one of these, but I also have a furminator….great for my two GSDs

  15. marshie1337 says:

    How often do you need to brush them with this?

  16. boamorphs008 says:

    dont use this my germn sheperd crys when i use this on him

  17. TotalGermanShepherd says:

    @nataliawasilewska97 she’s a coated GSD

  18. FilmerOfBobcats says:

    Where did you get that gorgeous Southwestern collar???

  19. CORRUPTION1NC says:

    You have a great vieos

  20. godzilla964 says:

    Where can I get one of those?

  21. k9gsd117 says:

    <------Cute German Shepherd!

  22. JD Desai says:

    Can they tweek some genes to make shed free german sheperds?

  23. TotalGermanShepherd says:

    @inspiringicecream If your GSD is a long coat its coat, especially the
    feathering, can easily get matted if you don’t comb it out fairly often –
    shorter haired GSDs typically don’t need as much intense grooming

  24. Rocio Caballero says:

    shedding isn’t bad compared to a husky lol

  25. TwilightZeaux says:

    I dunno. When he was an 8-week old puppy I brushed him and I saved his fur
    then because he smelled so new!! And I’ve always saved his fur from
    brushings/combings ever since. I figure I’ll make a pillow out of the fur
    after he’s gone so he’ll always be on my bed watching over me while I
    sleep. How much fur there is now, the pillow would probably take up 2/3rds
    of my bed, like my GSD does presently. 😛

  26. renewer says:

    0:22 to get right to it.

  27. Uh oh Codyos says:

    1:46 I nearly gave myself a six pack from laughing at that

  28. Zach Haywood says:

    Nah man, I’m coo. I’ma stay home, dog…..chill with mah monkey.

  29. Adam McNaughton says:
  30. xNAJAFx says:


  31. Tony Arias says:

    Dave Chappelle – Aids Monkey:

  32. unnamed says:

    you know you can get sued for claiming presentation of someone elses
    content right?

  33. Jay Flippen says:

    0:41 Peoples are apes, though. It’s the ape pussy game. Apes do want to
    be f’ed by apes, in fact. Hey buddy… hey!

  34. footytang says:

    Hilarious but what is with the “Brown & Proud” at the beginning? You
    understand that if you change that to “White & Proud” it would be
    considered insanely racist, right? So what’s the difference? 

  35. Shnoob Nobe says:

    ‘Word’ always makes me laugh

  36. Khalid Abdilahi says:


  37. Benjamin Sell says:

    brown and proud productions? wtf is he producing?

  38. Bb King says:

    “Keep fuckin these ppl if u want niggas, MOE MONKEY PUSSY 4 ME!”

  39. Ben Frank says:

    “Throw that sh*t in the tall grass it’ll never be seen again” omg

  40. bozomonkey2007 says:

    Next time I have sex with a monkey I’m wearing a condom!

  41. v2rabb1t says:

    dave chappelle…best comedian ever. louis is close to touching his show,
    but not yet

  42. Rewend H says:

    hookinupwithanorangutan next week!

  43. FHRITPskate says:

    Throw that shit in the tall grass, never to be seen again.

  44. CAL9000 says:

    Dave Chappelle and Richard Pryor> Every other Black comedian.

  45. Clawd Farron says:

    Aw man thats just tooo fucked up.
    Just can’t stop laughing gawd damnit.

  46. Markus Schader says:

    last nite chimchim jerked me off with his feet nigga 😀 

  47. Broletariat90 says:

    I agree with Footytang, How about just say hey this man is hilarious! 

  48. Nesska Wytch says:

    Aids was originated by two separate viruses from two different types of
    monkeys. The two viruses converged because monkeys actually eat other
    smaller monkeys. Usually they don’t bother to kill the monkey they are
    about to eat before they eat it. You can imagine the bloody scene and the
    screaming monkey that is struggling to get away. The original viruses were
    destroyable by the monkey’s immune system but over time it mutated until a
    virus that could not only survive the immune system but thrive. Scientists
    are not able to say when that happened but they do know the region of
    africa where it was transmitted from monkey to humans. Again the virus was
    transmitted by a hunter butchering a monkey to eat it. This happened in
    around 1908 with a margin of error by a couple of years. The virus finding
    itself in a human host was able to adapt. HIV having originated as SIV
    (simian immunodeficiency virus) adapted to a human because the blood
    environment, although not what it was used to was close enough to survive.
    A person carrying the virus brought it back to Haiti or travelled to Haiti
    around 1960. A canadian flight attendant named Gaëtan Dugas was considered
    to be Patient Zero for a long time. Between the late 1970’s and early
    eighties he spread the virus to thousands of gay men. Literally thousands,
    all over everywhere he travelled. He did this maliciously. He would tell a
    man he just had sex with that he had gay cancer and now they would have it
    too. He was an angry and vicious man, when asked why he would do that he
    said “I have it, why shouldn’t they”. Gaëtan Dugas is considered
    responsible for propagating the virus in the gay community but the virus
    did not originate with him. In conclusion, scientists don’t believe someone
    had sex with a monkey and got HIV in the 1980’s, they know it originated
    sooner, and they believe it was transferred from simian species to humans
    by blood transfer while a human was butchering a monkey with the mutated

  49. Matt Fisher says:

    Brown and Proud Productions: Taking credit for other peoples’ work since

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