SMART PUPPY at 7 weeks, clicker training lab

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Shasta is a female black Labrador Retriever (7 weeks old here). I started clicker training her 5 days ago and she is learning SO quickly. Commands she knows:…
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25 Responses to “SMART PUPPY at 7 weeks, clicker training lab”
  1. Chris Wilcox says:

    At only 7 weeks old, 8 minutes of training is a lot. Shasta isn’t “passive”, she’s tired and not likely as hungry. : }

  2. Chris Wilcox says:

    Sure; the clicker is just a form of communication used during training. There’s a /ton/ of info – google ftw. : )

  3. akash padda says:

    when the pup does the trick you must give the pup a
    treat and praise him

  4. dancingcloud01 says:

    Shasta is adorable<3 She makes me smile when she does tricks. 🙂

  5. Cassie Widlak says:

    now I know this was awhile back, but during this week were you available to your pup 24/7. I know we work and are trying to plan how to manage our pup and full time work together.

  6. leonard353 says:

    Songs pleasss! 🙂

  7. Elenista Lam says:

    can she do the tricks without the clicker?

  8. lazer300 says:

    holy moly ~ you’re right ~ that’s FAST for ONLY 7 weeks old and 5 days training!!!

  9. Gibbz DIY says:

    It’s Bubbly – By Colbie Caillat…I believe it’s the Acoustic version.

  10. Joud Elyas says:

    whats the name of the song playing at 6:22 ?

  11. Leonardo Santos says:

    Love your video….! thanks

  12. hithisisdhara says:

    very very smart 🙂

  13. Dana Cluff says:

    @Dana Cluff *long way!

  14. Dana Cluff says:

    @shennessy7207 No, they aren’t just born like this! Labs can be the most difficult of dogs. It takes time, patience, dedication, and above all a light heart to get them to their potential. Shasta is special, and clicker training REALLY worked for us. I recommend it, but don’t over train at the beginning. It can burn them out if you are not careful. A little at a time goes a log way. 🙂 glad you enjoyed!

  15. shennessy7207 says:

    holy crap are labs usually this smart at that age? i’m supposed to be getting a 6 week old in a few days!

  16. ZMAS8 says:

    SOOOOOO CUTE! She’s amazing

  17. Kristina Pilatus Lenaerts says:

    Wow, so MANY commands learned in only 5 days at the very young age of ONLY 7 weeks! Amazing! Beautiful to see! Well done! I want to introduce the clicker training after seeing this! You got me very interested in this method! Keep up the good work!!!!!! xxx

  18. Brynn Schwartz says:

    Wow! Can you come train my puppy!?! JK!

  19. honeysingh12hs says:

    I like

  20. lily robles says:

    So cute

  21. Corey Miller says:

    Wish you were my SO. I try and train my 2 labs… and its undermined.

  22. Rebecca Arreguin says:

    Hi, your videos are so great!! Thank you for posting your training sessions. I was wondering how you taught “high five”. It is such a cute trick!!

  23. Micheal Edwards says:

    If you watched the whole video you would know Obv.

  24. Micheal Edwards says:

    WHOLE FUCK!!!That is one smart ass dog.GJ

  25. thatboyd29 says:

    Amazing video im click training my dog now hes a 8 week old.German Shepard

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