Start a Puppy House Training Schedule Today

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puppy training schedule
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Start a Puppy House Training Schedule Today

It is important to start your puppy house training schedule as soon as possible. This will help your new puppy establish a good routine early, and may help prevent some unnecessary surprises when you come home. Getting you and your puppy on a schedule is not as complicated as it sounds. The main thing to remember is that you should get into the habit of taking your puppy outside to their special potty place several times a day. Doing this first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and right after a meal will help get you on a schedule with your pup.

Feeding times are also something you should have a schedule for. You should never let your puppy eat whenever he wants to, but instead have a set time that you feed him. Feeding your puppy at a specific time will give you a good idea as to when your puppy will need to go outside. A general rule of thumb is you should feed your puppy twice a day, and then about five minutes after they are done eating, take them outside to the spot you want them to go to the bathroom.

It also helps to take your puppy for a walk as exercise helps with digestion and is good for both you and your puppy.

Crate training is another great way to get your puppy on a schedule. You can put your puppy in his crate at night and take him out in the morning. This will help your puppy realize that this is when he should sleep. Crate training is also a great way to get your puppy on a bathroom schedule. If you leave him in his crate while you are away or doing something else, your puppy will have to hold it until you can let him out. Keep in mind that a puppy will not go to the bathroom where he sleeps or eats so use this to your advantage.

You should never leave your puppy in his crate longer then he can hold it, which is just a few hours when he is really young.

Even if you have a great puppy house training schedule and everything is going well, you should still be prepared for an accident every once in a while. This is acceptable and is all part of raising a puppy. You should keep in mind that the best way to handle a situation like this is not to scold your puppy, but clean up his mess and disinfect the spot with a pet odor neutralizer. This will prevent your puppy from smelling the spot and soiling it again. You should then keep a close eye on your puppy so that you can try to prevent this from happening again. Remember that getting your puppy on a house training schedule will take persistence and dedication, but the end result is a perfectly house trained puppy that you trained your self.

Setting up a good puppy house training schedule is only the start of house training your puppy. Jump start you training today by going to

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