Stop your Puppy Biting you!

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Normal techniques not working? This video includes two techniques not commonly mentioned. Please subscribe 🙂 This video goes through a hierachy of techniqu… has more info on dog training. Get your Free Dog Training Report: Have a Well Trained Dog in Four Easy Steps http://wp….
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31 Responses to “Stop your Puppy Biting you!”
  1. antwenet says:

    Halo (the golden retriever) doesn’t like it when he’s not in the video! He
    tends to scene steal quiet a lot! He’ll be glad he was noticed! 🙂

  2. Tinadecember says:

    Cute dogs 🙂

  3. cari54 says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. Jenny Kiely says:


  5. antwenet says:

    Hey, I know how frustrating it can be. Remember to give each technique time
    to work, a few days to a week. If you haven’t noticed a decrease in the
    amount of bites, or the amount of time it takes your puppy to stop biting
    and move on to something else then you try the next technique in the
    hierarchy. My Golden stopped biting in a week, Shiloh (the one in the
    video) took till 6 months to completely stop, but he would bite once and
    then get bored and move on, so I knew the technique was working.

  6. antwenet says:

    I would hope they have learnt a lot about bite inhibition from their litter
    and then after that interaction with other dogs. The method using the noise
    is practically how they teach bite inhibition.But each to their own 🙂
    Thanks for watching.

  7. Michelle Davis says:

    Thank you! Ill try theses, I have a Japanese spitz as well she’s only 13
    weeks though (:

  8. Marco Guzmán says:

    oh, ok thanks so much, I agree, they are very affectionate, I have one, I
    just needed to know what kind was. I love that little dog.

  9. karl torress says:

    I Used to have a Japanese Spitz… :'( My parents never told me where he
    was when I came back from my country 🙁

  10. John Smith says:

    Do you know about bite inhibition? alot od trainers encourage them to bite
    so they know whats too hard and whats ok. good bite inhibition can decrease
    the amount of damage done by serious bite attacks whether they be
    intentional or unintintional

  11. SakumaRyuichiNG says:

    Well, i have tried this and it worked -the high pitched.- for reducing the
    frequently but today it didn’t worked anymore -_- and she broke my skin
    quite bad since she pushed. Ignore it is difficult since she will go after
    my calfs… hope this solves soon, it hurts bad and it’s no permissible.
    She’s a maltese, 2 months and 2 weeks… i am amazed how bad she can bite
    compared to my old rottweiler and now old maltese who always were so kind
    and tender but this little one is a monster with teeth.

  12. antwenet says:

    🙂 Girl or boy?

  13. Marco Guzmán says:


  14. DiamondSNATCHER7 says:

    1:42 i wanna be in the vid too u know

  15. antwenet says:

    They are gorgeous dogs aren’t they! Wish the could stay that cute and
    little forever!

  16. CHARLIE MANSON says:

    Thank you very much….this worked in about a half hour of working with
    Stormy….and you are SO much cuter and more fun to eatch that these other
    guys that are giving “bad info” on dog trainning…Again Thank’ve
    saved my fingers !!!!

  17. lilddswagg hollaway says:

    Did any body see a dog

  18. isabella isa says:

    my dog is a french bulldog,is 3 months and she bite me hard all the time.i
    did like u said in the video but she don`t understand.she is very angry and
    i am scared to not grow up and have problems with her….:(

  19. antwenet says:

    Hi, The white dog is a Japanese Spitz, they are basically a smaller version
    of a Samoyed. Very cute and very affectionate dogs.

  20. pj arevalo says:


  21. WHITEOUTbomber8 says:

    Please help, my dog is almost a year old, he aggressively bites, and it
    really hurts, he’s so possessive and gets violent when I’m not even doing
    anything. I don’t know what to do, nothing is working at ALL, it’s driving
    me insane, he’s even stealing stuff from me, like gloves, etc. I need help,
    give some advice

  22. tina says:

    this dog looks exactly like mine

  23. antwenet says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Give each of the techniques time to work.
    The dog featured in the video took about 6 months to completely stop. If
    you believe you have given the techniques a fair go and there’s no change
    try talking to your vet. If you catch them with you gloves etc, take that
    off them, I like to say ‘no’ when I do and then go and get them something
    they can play with. Good luck.

  24. DiamondSNATCHER7 says:

    1:22 time for my nap

  25. Jenny Kiely says:

    My dogs name is Shiloh too!!!

  26. Kevin Legstrong says:

    i have the same dog, i was massaging his chin when he was lying down and he
    was trying to guard it then i kept going cuz i wasnt really paying
    attention then he just bit my palm, but it was really soft and i got scared
    and he ran off to the corner and i was wondering why i didnt die that day

  27. TheKruegercrew says:

    This video was very helpful, thank you!

  28. Luiz Ferreira says:

    german shepherd, nice

  29. shtooley says:

    He looks like Charlie from All Dogs Go To Heaven. We had a Charlie who
    looked like him.

  30. metalanguie says:

    thanks for the video, i´m trying saying !ayy! but…doesn´t work very well,
    i´m gonna try this. Thanks a lot!!

  31. John Doe says:

    “Ow Charlie, that really hurttt”

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