Teach a Dog to ‘Take It’ and ‘Drop It’ | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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50 Responses to “Teach a Dog to ‘Take It’ and ‘Drop It’ | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell”
  1. Joona Karkimo says:

    What about when the dog doesn’t want take any toys, how can I teach it to

  2. Tammy Stephenson says:

    This doesn’t work at all

  3. Kishore Pavuluru says:

    Wtf..when the dog leaves the toy she says “leave it” rather than otherway
    around…very funny..Victoria dog teaching vudeos are full of crap..she has
    no leadership, no control on dogs, other than stressing the words..all
    words no action..

  4. andakasapi@gmail.com Valdeta says:

    Everyone who said that Victoria is not a good dog trainer… You know
    whatt? Shut up please… I’m sure your dog would shut your mouth if he
    could… Just look how happy Holland is around her… And yeahh.. This
    really works… And some people said that she doesn’t give food for
    reward…!! Well… She gave Holland the toy right? If she would give him
    the food, he would not concentrate on the toy and the: take it, drop it,
    but in the food!!
    In the other videos, where she doesn’t gave the dogs toys, yep, she gave
    them food!
    Victoria, if you are reading this right now just know that i love you and i
    love watching your videos… The ones who said you were not good enough,
    she just said some crap stuff…

  5. WhatHauntsYou says:

    I can’t do any of her videos she’s a dog whisperer

  6. James Geo says:

    I love Holland. What a sweet dog!!!!

  7. Arina Stepman says:

    Hi, could you please tell what breed it is?

  8. Nik Santiago says:

    porn voice

  9. TBCanimation says:

    I praticed this just not with words ;d the ques will really help thanks! 😀
    I would have never thought of saying drop it when its not in my hand. :d

  10. Brighid Doll says:

    This doesn’t help at all

  11. Vicky Bryan says:

    I have always played tug-o-war with all my dogs and they are all completely
    well behaved and would never harm us, so clearly those so called people who
    say not to play that have no idea what they are talking about. It is a
    natural behavior in dogs. 

  12. capc247 says:

    This is absolutely garbage. She may sound like she knows what she’s doing,
    but her training is mediocre at best. How can anyone look at this and think
    she is actually being effective? Her timing is all off and her verbal ques
    are completely confusing for the dog to process. Contact a real trainer if
    you need help with your dog.

  13. Damon James says:

    alex ghoro you got the illuminoti signal on that picture

  14. dogschoolgr says:

    Great video!!!

  15. Ken Exley says:


  16. DEWAN AJAY says:

    Good training.

  17. burstingwithflavable says:

    holland looks very happy :)

  18. AlexGhoro says:

    wtf is wrong with this dog lol ?

  19. Emma Zs says:

    Lol.. I life in Holland

  20. bwc605 says:

    Try this with my shepard/Malinois and he’ll have both toys and a hand.
    Clearly, we have work to do.

  21. tis says:

    Holland jumps just like my white swiss shepherd, it’s so cute.

  22. MegaMorsus says:

    HAHAHA!! How is this a well trained and good behaived dog? How is it that
    people think of you as a good trainer?

  23. Brenda Haggai says:

    Here’s another video teaching Take It/ Drop It. Victoria doesn’t use the
    clicker in this video because she’s not using food as a reward. The play
    is the reward in this instance.

  24. fhdsik says:

    Yep, it’s a Golendoodle
    They are really easy to train

  25. Amy F says:

    My dog is fixated on both toys very intently and whatever toy is in my
    hand. Does this confuse my dog if I am saying drop it and take it back and
    forth too fast? Should I focus on one command at a time?

  26. Relax My Dog says:

    +traceysa2001 We are magicians indeed 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  27. MrsCarlisleCullen6 says:

    Never mind the dog, i’m falling asleep to this <3

  28. Schrödinger the cat says:

    I love these but why is there always an alarm sound in the beginning? My
    dog doesn’t seem to care but it makes ME nervous hahaha.

  29. ilove Samuel says:

    AWWW OMFG we were driving back home from the park and we saw a little baby
    puppy walkimg on the street so we stopped the car and picked him up and hes
    so nervous and i want him to sleep very well and be calm around us and you
    know just to be happy and hes always awake just watching his surroundings
    so i decided to look some music up and found this his ears started moving
    diffrently and he got comfortable and layed down and just doze off this
    works like magic!!!!!!! Hes so cutw i can hear him breathing

  30. Gabby Lester says:

    my little dog is crying because my big dogs attacked her friend,the friend
    was a dog i had for years,my dog that got attacked is at the vet right
    now,so i’m using this music to calm my little dog down and its working so
    far,but the dog that got attacked rib is broken,so thanks for making this
    or i had to deal with whining,crying,jumping,and crazyness.

  31. Katia Krasha says:

    She just lied right down! I think different dogs settle for different kinds
    of music 🙂

  32. Bunny Ears says:

    Wow when I put my iPad in my dogs room where he sleeps then I put on this
    music he started watching it like a TV and then he started dozing off

  33. TheRandomestVlog says:

    would this work for my pet rock?

  34. Vovin Prgel88 says:

    This works well for my puppy and has made her fall asleep, but it’s
    irritated the FUCK out of my cat and now he will NOT shut up as now he’s
    Meowing like freaking crazy and attacking the door by scratching and
    banging lmfao…. 

  35. Paige L says:

    This is great i am falling asleep next to my sleeping puppy

  36. Midnightsimmer says:

    My dog started humping her blanket and making strange noises 

  37. TheHomemadePizza says:

    My dog is just walking away…wait, she’s coming back…
    She has a violin ? Wow, this is incredible she’s playing the violin…
    She has a paint set now and canvas…the Mona Lisa ? …She’s painted the
    Mona Lisa …
    Wait what’s this ? She’s picking up a saxophone…She’s playing that cool
    bit from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street…
    And now she’s giving me two thumbs up.
    Yeah this relaxing music is pretty good I guess

  38. Marsha Andrews says:

    Both my dog and I like the music, but why as another person commented, is
    soon after you get rid of the darn ad and the music starts, it sounds like
    a fire engine is going by??? I just about fell over but at least my dog
    didn’t react to it. I’ll make a point of starting the music once that is
    past but it is weird. It does bother me and the point of keeping my dog
    quiet is that I can relax to the music too and get some sleep!

  39. Devin Pucci says:

    My dog was whining like crazy even after I let her out, offered her a
    treat, and was petting her nonstop. I finally got her to come up onto the
    couch with me and the second I started to play this she stopped whining.
    This is so perfect I’m sitting with her not and she’s lying down with her
    head right next to my laptop. 

  40. maddie ruefer says:

    Omg I have this on my dog always wants out of my room but now..! Wow! She
    won’t leave thanks


  41. Phoenix Firesky says:

    My dog hurt his back and is on strict crate rest. This seems to entertain
    him. He’ll lie down and just lay there with his eyes open while he
    listens. AND he doesn’t mind me leaving the room – very unusual for him!

  42. Andrea Ramirez says:

    Oh my gosh. This actually worked on my pitbull. He was biting my husband
    and getting a little annoying. I put this music on and he fell asleep lol.
    This video is going to be my best friend from now on. ❤️

  43. Dorissa I says:

    wow! at the 1:15 mark-this dog just sprawled on the floor and gave in to
    his nervousness! awsome! thanks! 

  44. rebecca kooi says:

    My dog just had surgery and she won’t lay down or sit and she constantly
    whines. The second I turned this on she layed down and she’s snoring.

  45. Reagan Singler says:

    My dog became SO calm, and even fell asleep!
    I definitely recommend this YouTube channel for the average dog owner!

  46. Squishy Bug says:

    I have a hyperactive dog who never calms down and that calmed her down
    straight away!! Thank you so much

  47. DJ After All says:

    Do i need to turn my volume down because dogs hear 10 times better than

  48. Amyy Belmont says:

    My Siberian husky was super hyper and barking And I put this and he knocked

  49. Joey Clouser says:

    My dog is a pretty good at barking and she does it all the time its so
    annoying .
    This is the best thing that has ever happened to me .
    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much for making this video .
    ha this music is so relaxing that I am kinda falling asleep !
    I love the piano my sister plays the piano ! my mom loves the harmonica !
    when you show the sheep that is my favorite sound !
    sorry for being a blabber mouth I am just really really social !
    and I also just talk alot sorry !!!!!!!!!

  50. acr913 says:

    Wow after about 30 seconds puppy is asleep where she lay snoring then she
    wakes up to get more comfy in a sleeping position and snoring her head off!
    Cats asleep too! Thanks

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