Teach any puppy to come when called – clicker dog training turorials

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In this video you will learn how to teach your new puppy to come running to you when you call him. This is one of the most important cues you can teach your …
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http://www.bestgundog.com/weeklytraining Brings you your first part of 4 pre training sessions of our 4 month old Labrador Retriever Hunting Dog ‘Sam’, at 6 …


45 Responses to “Teach any puppy to come when called – clicker dog training turorials”
  1. Jim says:

    What if your dog doesn’t bolt towards you like in the video but rather jogs
    not very fast. He comes to us but slowly and were using
    hotdogs,cheese,sausage as rewards. thanks!

  2. gmecomber says:

    Whoops, I didn’t realized she pointed it out only a few seconds later.

  3. Pandaraze says:

    Too cute! 😀

  4. cbc Boston says:

    @kikopup is belle mixed with a chiwawa

  5. kikopup says:

    @sheltiesrok123456789 Belle is the Staffie Mix puppy and the merle border
    collie puppy is Splash my border collie, as a puppy 4 years ago!

  6. Myriadmakrame says:

    She is adorable 🙂

  7. kikopup says:

    @pinquiwoolf I love Podencos!!!

  8. Victoria Gibboni says:

    Such great videos!

  9. gmecomber says:

    I love 1:52, so excited.

  10. Monika says:

    love the slow-mo!

  11. rucatrouble says:

    ahhhhhhhh!! I LOVE @ 1:52!!!

  12. strawberykiri says:

    It is never too late to train your dogs! If they do not listen every time
    you ask them something, try to figure out how to get your dogs to want to
    listen to you. Kikopup has many good tutorials, but there are other ways in
    which to teach your dog obedience behaviors in a positive manner that will
    also help your dogs learn what you want them to do. If they do certain
    behaviors on cue at mealtimes, it should be easier to help them do those
    behaviors in other contexts.

  13. sheltiesrok123456789 says:

    Do the puppies have names? They are so cuuute <3

  14. moonlightdrive1969 says:

    Hi what’s the best treats to feed? I got my 11 week westie “coachies” and
    he gets very hyper after training. Thanks for the vids.

  15. smokeydokey1000 says:

    Hi Emily(or anyone),I have a question:I don’t understand the psychology of
    saying the verbal cue AS the puppy is coming towards you(After the
    attention noise).When we add verbal cues for other behaviors,such as
    “sit”,we say the cue first and then provide the visual cue.After several
    trials,the puppy learns the verbal is predictive of the visual.If you’ve
    made the attention noise,and the puppy is running toward you,aren’t they
    too distracted by running towards you to “hear” the verbal cue?

  16. ClickerPetsMore says:

    The puppies are getting so big!

  17. Josué Pinheiro says:

    Interessante! Os Cães são inteligentes. Bem ensinados fazem coisas

  18. blue0eyes6 says:

    thank you for these videos! I just decided to adopt my foster puppy; he is
    a chow/german shepherd mix that is showing some concerning behavior (fear
    biting, for example) so we are starting clicker training to help with his
    socialization. these are helping a lot!

  19. chiherosw says:

    Thank you so much for these videos!!! I adopted a boston terrier mix and
    have started to recognize that he is mixed with border collie. Working with
    him and helping him learn has been a delight because of you.

  20. beera213 says:

    thankyou so much ! your tricks are the best and THEY WORK with my two ,3
    month old labrador retrievers ! 🙂

  21. katrineponci says:

    Those puppies have gotten really big! I’m helping raise a litter of 6
    puppies at the moment. Can’t wait until I can start teaching them cues, but
    for now we’re just doing paw and face handling.

  22. SexySheerah says:

    Hi Kikopup, the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Would you
    say it’s true? Orall old dogs can be retrained? I have a one year old
    golden and a 9 months old lab girl. They did learn some commands but only
    effective when meal times. I want them to listen evert time. Is it too late
    to retrain them?

  23. kikopup says:

    @tehrenberg me too!

  24. pinquiwoolf says:

    @kikopup Me too : ) I live in a small Spanish village and abandoned
    Podencos always seem to turn up at the door.. I’m trying to learn how to
    work with their wild free spirit, strong hunting instinct. How on earth do
    you compete with the hunting instinct?

  25. pinquiwoolf says:

    Thank you Emily, you’re a star! You make it look so easy. I’m trying this
    with a Podenco puppy at the moment : )

  26. Sarah Jane says:

    Hi fellow sufferes !!, I was so happy when I found onlinedogtraining.us – i
    found my dogs behaviour drastically improved after i followed their program
    and couldn’t thank them more. So many videos for all problems.

  27. Jessica Webster says:

    You actually are allowed to hunt with dogs in the UK, just not fox hunting

  28. TetlyT84 says:

    You`re 1 little boy

  29. richardericallen says:

    Hi, Glad you are enjoyed the video, i will have pre training 2 and 3 on
    hopefully very soon thanks Richard

  30. bwvbach says:

    Are you retarded?

  31. tpvalley says:

    dogs not to blame, owner is.

  32. qedqef says:

    Who said it was a bad thing in the first place? What, it’s bad to kill them
    before they have fully developed nervous systems but it’s totally fine when
    they’re 18 and you need them to go fight for your oil?

  33. don0007it says:

    I just can’t wait for a new video… my pup lab is old 4.5 months… here i
    see so nice tips…. just keep up the good work!!!

  34. hoobsdad says:

    Excellent start Richard, looking forward to the remainder. I have a lab
    puppy who at this stage doesn’t get very excited about retrieving….which
    I hope is not going to become an issue (oh lord have i got the labrador
    that doesn’t retrieve!!)….I know, slowly slowly catchy monkey….or
    pheasant in this case.

  35. BWade40 says:

    Wow, what a sorry, spineless troll. You’re the counterargument for why
    abortion may not all be a bad thing.

  36. Felipe Lecona says:

    Crazy son of a b

  37. michfan7804 says:

    @qedqef honestly the only thing i can do is pray that you or anoth sick
    physco killer like you doesnt live near me. there is no way you can be a
    sane individual

  38. Xjr5rjX says:

    Mother fucking dapper video

  39. Tyson Moss says:

    Nice dog cool vid

  40. Krylahh says:

    Fucking psychopath

  41. Joe Borges says:

    thanks for the pet uploads – I love your taste

  42. Jake Moore says:

    We sometimes use that technique for service dogs.

  43. tpvalley says:

    you cant hunt with dogs in the UK anymore, its illegal. Should be allowed
    to hunt verminous people that kill for fun; although hunting for food when
    in need is another matter.

  44. qedqef says:

    wild hog shred their bellies to pieces with its tusks, teeth, and hoofs.
    I’d take what remained of sparky and fido, and feed it to the other
    worthless dogs I had caught back at the compound. Worthless hunters. this
    is exactly why we need stricter gun control. see, if you’re creative
    enough, you can kill any animal without some pussy device that lobs balls
    of lead 2300fps. you just have to have the balls…

  45. qedqef says:

    Stupid worthless mutts. I would have stuck rusty syringes full of
    adrenaline in their anuses (to keep them alive through the impending
    ordeal) and then nailed their paws to a tree while I yanked out their
    vertebrae one by one with my leatherman multi-tool. Then, after watching
    them yelp in pain, I’d pour some NaOH on the congealed valleys where their
    spines used to be. After smashing their snouts in with a brick, and
    snapping off the remaining teeth at the gumline, only then would I let a

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