Tips For Different Bullmastiff Puppy Training Techniques

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Tips For Different Bullmastiff Puppy Training Techniques
There are so many different puppy training techniques out there; it can be a little difficult trying to figure out the best ones to use. There are also many different types of methods for different types of dogs.

The Bullmastiff puppy is a special breed of puppy and takes a little more concentrated training. They are rather stubborn. But once they become aware that you are not going to let them rule they become very willing to learn. So take a look at our guidelines below. If you stay with them and be persistent and consistent in training them you will be able to easily train your Bullmastiff puppy.

The Trust Factor

Unless your puppy trusts you, the training techniques you choose will be hard to utilize. Your puppy must trust you and the best way to build this trust is through love and care. If your Bullmastiff puppy is fearful, feels neglected or nervous all the time, his or her lack of confidence will make it much more difficult as you proceed with their training. They need to feel good about you and themselves. This makes it easier for you to achieve your training goals.

Clarifying your purpose for training is also an important factor when training your Bullmastiff puppy. If you’re looking to provide basic obedience training the options will be different from someone trying to use puppy training techniques for tricks. Then again, it is possible that you want more extensive training (e.g. rescue training or hunting). Whatever the case may be you have to decide this before you begin your training procedure. Once you have made your decision you will be able to create and set goals for your puppy
The Motivational System

Designing a motivation system can be fun, especially for your dog. If you use rewards to keep them motivated then they will want to repeat that good behavior over and over again. Those who prefer punishment to prevent undesirable behavior can also achieve the same goal. When you look at both areas you will find pros and cons for each one. These should always be considered before using them to boost the motivation of your Bullmastiff puppy.

Keep in mind; many puppy owners decide to combine the two and use this approach. Our recommendation is using rewards 90% of the time and punishments around 10% of the time. Over the years it has been effective in most cases.

Do Research Before Deciding

A Bullmastiff puppy has his or her own puppy training techniques. Actually this goes for any type of breed, and what type of developmental stage they are in right now. There are several options at your disposal like; lure training, play training, target wand training, the Koehler method, clicker training, and even after-the-fact discipline. These happen to be some of the major options, but there are plenty more out there.

Building knowledge around all of them is a good idea, but don’t stick to just one. A Bullmastiff puppy will do well in a mixed training or eclectic approach, but you will figure out what works best for each particular situation.

This is extremely useful information and you can learn more by visiting our puppy training portal.

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